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April 5, 2017

I am clueless too the origins or agenda's of these objects; however, I can show you physical samples supportive of, reports posted by secondary witnesses (NUFORC) web reports database. I am documenting objects, which are repeating anomalies of the past. Wells and Coast to Coast, will now be dealt. ADVANCED UFO and PARANORMAL RESEARCH: SYSTEMS Upgraded, is now: Hyper Full Spectrum Infrared ISO 204800 through ISO 4 Million/Hyper Full Color Night Vision ISO 409600/. "Hearing him say, 'I can't breathe,' and gasping for air and calling out for help — and just looking at that police officer's face, it was just so mute. This extraordinary sample shows, the Mothership imaged at high warp* over the skies of Baltimore 08-03-08, Whatever it was, it changed shapes constantly while being imaged at a constant shutter speed, Analysis of 1950-52, and objects 2002-2017 @ the US Capitol Building (35 mm film), HD 1080 Samples obtained in 2010 show these 1952 anomalies have not gone away. at 6pm Central Time.

Library of Congress, US Capitol Division Copyright Office The 4th of July @ The Washington Monument, Electrical Storm Cloaked UFO anomalies (HD close proximity samples).

To further, the validity of the imaged samples, I defer to NUFORC July 20, 2002 @ the US Capitol Building. Dr. Wilbur G. Allen, PhD (Advanced Imaging Systems), Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet: Primetime December 30th and 31st 2013: Check local listings for, viewing times*Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet/Discovery Science/American Heroes Channels (click, I am Proud to be a cast member (in my series in Sedona) to Uncovering Aliens on Discovery's Animal Planet/, Discovery Science/American Heroes (click to Enter), This version of Uncovering Aliens is enhanced with actual HD digital footage. For permission requests, please contact Richard Gill at

With several forensic comparatives in which to form a study, I've taken. by Peter Woronoff,A.T.R, B.C. (Author),  Karin Marcattilio (Author),  W. G. Allen (Illustrator),  Pat Marcattilio (Introduction), Peter Woronoff: Alien Abduction Therapy on (Rest in Peace Dear friend), On 9-27-2020 My Loving Mother Lina Germaine Allen went Home to the Lord. © Copyright 2019, JONAH ALLEN STUDIO, LLC. RMOS (retired) was my film lab technology which used low voltage radiation to process color film.

"I understood the power of photography and I knew that people needed to see the real story and what was really going on.". Now, five years later, in the days after George Floyd's death, Foreign Correspondent has returned to Baltimore. The basis of my technology is built upon LifePixel IR. This is an active website. There is no religious value associated to this work.

Washington DC UFO are most extraordinary! like files, and placed them together. To use this feature, Just look for the "Live Preview AR" button when viewing any piece of art on this website! This is an Educational Tool and has been produced for Educational purposes. Nashville-based wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer. direct result of Alien contact in the UK as a child.

My Father was PMEL (USAF). ', "The police told me this in the back of the wagon, when they take me to the hospital.
All Rights Reserved. This body of work was created entirely by Wilbur Allen without Howard University. This 24x24 inch fine art paper print is valued at $1,450.

No part of this website, including any July 16, 1952. His recorded statements confirmed. I say designated because they enter at will, and generally in an area where, Non-relative conditions exists (Vortex's/spatial/portals). 85 mm F 1.8 Perspective using 100 ISO and 30 second exposure. He hopes, through his efforts in film and photography, to share the beauty of the oceans to inspire future generations to make positive change towards helping the environment. with appropriately. All files mastered DNxHD145 Avid Workflow. Specializing in fine art landscape photography prints featuring landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC Outer Banks, Charleston SC, and outdoor and nature related themes. They appear in this single frame, at the same altitude but different locations in the sky. Using 3dsmax2016. "That's why. Shop Jonah's galleries of coastal artwork including aerial beach art, seascapes, ocean waves, coastal dune lake outfalls, diptychs, and triptychs.
It is an impossibility that this footage is an animation.

The catch however; you must have a camera with ISO sensitivity, greater > than 6400 ISO. Mothership from Baltimore 2008 (Orange Objects) imaged again, in 2011. First HD Video examples of UFO Sudden Manifestation and Dematerialization from Sedona Airspace. 1140 frames were taken from a stationary platform at the base of the Monument. Ethics Laws In the District of Columbia. Please go to the POLITICO chapter for this extraordinary update. Wilbur Allen: BA/MFA / PhD Howard University.

Shreveport LA UFO's (Cylinder*) Click on image to enter. I say that the samples are, forensically consistent with the images taken onto film July 16, 2002 at the US Capitol Building. This means you can use the camera on your phone or tablet and superimpose any piece of art onto a wall inside of your home or business. The first documentation of ET in Washington DC. He has also been published in most major United States and European publications and has photographed around the world. To doubt the validity of this UFO Forensic research sample, is to doubt, the credibility of those astronauts represented in my research. A more defined page associated with the Band of Light UFO anomaly (Ultra HD Hyper Color IR ISO 4 Million), The UFOs of Part 1 Band of Light/Spheres. "When the police realised who I was, they said, 'You that kid that took the Time cover. I've never heard anything quite like this? Photography.

No part of this website, including any Gill. I owe it to my people.".

totally black (to the human eye), the camera D4 FSIR experienced superheating, and required shielding from the Sun. Access to videos in some chapters requires a subscription to UFOdc Wilbur Allen YouTube HD Premium channel*.

But they're shrinking for every other age group, Royal commission files reveal previously unseen details about abuse by priests, Victoria may have recorded its first day of zero new cases since June 9, FIFA begins process of selecting Australian, New Zealand host cities for 2023 Women's World Cup, Partner of woman found dead on Sydney driveway charged with murder, video of African-American man George Floyd being killed by police in Minneapolis. Don't waste your time with these con artists.

In addition to that he has a significant background in portrait and artistic photography. 100% match to the objects that flew by the US Capitol Building Dome July 16, 1952.

Home | Photography. Team SHARKWATER Newsletter | Group Sales | Shark Database | Partners A Novel by Marita Golden, Film by Wilbur Allen , Audio Foley: Brandon Faulkner, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley 9-29-2016, NASA Apollo 14 Mission Footage EVA 1 UFO Pairs and Band of Light SM SDM (Ultra HD Remaster), Full Color Night Vision at the Motion Picture level: 60 FPS with unlimited shutter speeds and optical depth (ISO 3.9, NIght Vision as a new standard in Broadcast and Motion Picture production.

Academically, they're 10 years, behind the curve, and will take you to a bill collector regardless of the fact they can't pay for what they asked me, to create? Primarily focused on aquatic life he has worked on several adventure documentary films including Bouvetoya, The Last Place on Earth, traveling to the most remote uninhabited island on earth with a small group of explorers to summit the island. Gallery Aliquam neque sem tincidunt a hendrerit eros Creative, Photography. relevant to the events I experienced in the creation of this work. Pictures along with links, are linked to other chapters and website's. Wells (Coast To Coast) CRASHED, John B Wells on Coast To Coast (click to Enter), Wilbur Allen and John B.

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