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April 5, 2017

The stories you care about, delivered daily. Living on base is a great convenience as everything is near and secure from security threats, and children and service members can learn and be safe at work. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Military housing, locations across Canada. In a nutshell, no matter what the law is outside of base, all military installations will issue you a ticket if you are caught on your phone without a hands-free device. The use of overseas military base has throughout its history of usage been a contentious issue of debate, and is often a source of opposition for antimilitarists and nationalists in the host country. If you would like to find more information about benefits offered by Veteran Affairs, visit the official site for veterans benefits at Veterans Affairs. I can assure you there will be many occasions where you will literally jump out of your skin thanks to what sounds like explosions. Military branches are slimming down their active duty numbers to cut costs, and by allowing civilians to do some jobs that aren’t military specific, they’re able to put servicemembers to better use by having them do jobs that can’t be done by civilians, such as pilots, communications specialists, and mechanics. Applying for military housing? Military bases within the United States are considered federal property and are subject to federal law.Civilians (such as family members of military officers) living on military bases are generally subject to the civil and criminal laws of the states where the bases are located. Families that have the opportunity to live on base also enjoy rent free dorms/barracks, apartments, townhouses or houses (depending on rank and marital status), free electricity and water utilities. On-base family housing is not universal in quality. Lastly, your nights will be met by the mournful sounds of “Taps.”. 1 0. Military bases can provide housing for military personnel, a post office and dining facilities (Restaurants). Avoid shopping on payday! A military base may belong to a different nation or state than the territory surrounding it. Living on a military base is a benefit available for all active-duty service members and their dependents. Additionally, if the service member moves out, the spouse and family will lose the military housing entitlement as well. Losing your ID is a big inconvenience, and getting a new one can be a time-consuming process. Thankfully, knowing some of the following tips in advance can make your transition to on-base living an easier one. The name used generally refers to the type of military activity that takes place at the base, as well as the traditional nomenclature used by a branch of service. All that aside, it’s important to understand that you and your family are living on government property and even your children are subject to the regulations of on-base living.

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