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April 5, 2017

Find out more about how they survive in the wild, their loves and losses, and the events that have shaped the cats they have become. When you win, you will be warped back to camp. Mousefur says it'll get greencough by sunrise. You should probably save before attacking the first cat. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. However, you can also beat him with basic attacks. Then she says his survival was a punishment. A. Talk to the centermost one and Cinderpelt will come out. Talk to Frostfur next to the nursery. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Warrior Cats, the Game Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You are warped to WindClan camp, where Tallstar thanks you and offers you an escort back to your camp. After you defeat her, she will ask for a mouse, and you will bring her one. She will announce that the camp is in danger, and they have to leave. You can now share tounges with other cats with the possibility of recruiting them to your party., Leopardfur says that she won't forget this. You are the only cat left in camp! Before you can leave, Barkface, the WindClan medicine cat, says that he has received a message from StarClan: this day will bring an unnecessary death. You will listen to him tell the story of the battle when Redtail died, but will not finish, as the Gathering is starting. Les jeux, les concours, les animations, les débats, vos joies ou vos peines ou vos cadeaux, il y a tant à faire ici ! Talk to Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw shouts that you need to get back to camp immediately. DO NOT USE THEM. They both, in essence, will tell you to go through the gorse tunnel and join the Clan. Cats have now taken over the internet. If you are not receiving emails from us, please try after 8am EST. Where it says "Wait 60 seconds", click "Free Download", which is right under it. "Oh yay! As many Warrior Cat Projects Before end of 2018, Roleplays/Animations/Art and any Ideas +More, Waterclan,Grassclan,Lightningclan, and Stoneclan RP. You return to camp and Yellowfang tells you to find fifty catnip herbs (to heal Bluestar). Tigerclaw and three rogues will walk up and off-screen, with Tigerclaw telling them that they have to look like they're chasing him, not coming with him. After giving Yellowfang 3 rabbits, One-Eye will tell you that Yellowfang is satisfied by her treatment, and she assumes that means your punishment has ended. Studio By PhoenixPlaysGames, nostalgic scratch projects (mostly warriors lol), ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ〖ŦH€ CΔT ΔŁLIΔNC€〗ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Drafting Unit, Warrior Cats RP and Stories: Invite Followers, Random group where you can can put what ever you wan, The Scratch Games of the Warrior Cats Fandom. After the battle, go talk to Tigerclaw. This is the last bit of maze. He must be the treacherous warrior you were warned about in a dream from Spottedleaf... WindClan thanks you for your help and you are warped back to camp. Head to the path to Twolegplace and watch Cinderpaw. Talk to Bluestar. She will tell you that really, it was a ShadowClan warrior who killed Spottedleaf, and she really only left to find the kits. Use poison chomp on Tigerclaw to poison for extra damage with a secondary character. Warrior Cat Fans warrior cat games W A R R I O R S I C A T S I On the way back, you get in a fight with Graystripe, and Bluestar is angry at you for fighting with your clanmate. To add the cats to your party (recommended before you fight Brokenstar later) go to the Moonstone and click it. After all rouges are killed, attack tigerclaw with warrior strike with your hero, claw shred with your offensive warrior(s) and motherly softness with the motherly warriors until you are pretty sure Tigerclaw is feeble. After talking to him, you will see Graystripe walking around by the bush (near the exit of camp). Partenariat ouvert aux invitées. Go up to the stump and continue for the last time. Bluestar will be blocking your way.

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