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April 5, 2017

Then look no further. U-Turn Orbit Special. You'll be among the first to know about product launches, exclusive online deals, and the hottest audio trends. It just sounds really good and we would say the sound quality should be the number one reason to get the U-Turn Orbit Special. One option is to get the Pluto preamp, which you can later also upgrade. The result is a beautiful light maple finish or a stunning walnut, both of which highlight the natural characteristics of the wood. The build quality and sound make it an overall high-end experience. The tonearm has finger lift that makes this easier. listeners: [], The Orbit reminds me of the very first Rega turntables—no frills (just turn the record at the right speed), no strobe, no automatic functions, no anything but playing the record. Does this sound familiar? To automate this process requires gears and extra mechanisms which add friction and noise to the table and detract from the sound. U-Turn also supplies a pair of RCA cables for the left/right outputs. Another factor is that more components simply mean more complexity, lower endurance, and above all a higher possibility of resonance in the sound. And if you want to upgrade your rig later, you have the option to swap out the stock cartridge or replace the phono stage. Most manufacturers that offer acrylic platters need to machine each piece and then polish all sides. Confused? It’s one solid sheet of acrylic. Of course, the U Turn Orbit is also a mid-range turntable, so people also like it because it has quite a lot to offer when it comes to the quality of sound for a turntable at a more affordable price. Rega RP1 vs. U-Turn Orbit - review. U-Turn has all the answers you need on this page of "recommended set ups.". For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Moreover, it offers those unfamiliar with analog playback an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to find out what the fuss is all about. The plinth of the Orbit Plus has a hinged dust cover. But, as listening progresses, certain characteristics are revealed; the Orbit is a little light in overall dynamic heft, but it’s certainly quick on its feet. Despite a pretty simple design, the Orbit Plus as unique functionalities and delivers top quality sound any audiophile will love. Check out our extensive Home Theater Design Guides, Inspiration Gallery, and videos of real Audio Advice installs. Quality manufacturing and testing on every individual turntable.» A HiFi experience. As vinyl sales began to come back to life, it was no longer as difficult to find a turntable, but they were mostly cheap all-in-one’s. We tested the Orbit Special with a Cambridge SR20 stereo receiver and the new Paradigm F3000 tower speakers. Full Review of The Orbit Plus Turntable With Pros and Cons, because you are searching for the best turntables to buy, Comes with dust cover and adjustable counterweight, You have to select the platter speed manually, Sliding weight is harder to adjust than threaded weight, Does not come with a cue lever but it can be bought as an additional accessory. The inevitable question as to choice is, “What about vintage?” Being no stranger to vintage turntables, I can say that going that way is a crapshoot. snap, crackle and pop. forms: { Stay tuned. Yes, if you get lucky, you can score a great turntable at a great price. By 2015, U-Turn Audio had already sold over 10,000 turntables out of their homegrown factory in Woburn Massachusetts. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The turntable delivers what it promises to deliver. This saves them a ton of money over doing it the traditional way and enables them to pass the savings on to you. But isn’t my tweaking sort of subverting the basic premise of the Orbit? Helpful . Back to tweaking – adding the RCA cables and mat to the Orbit brings us to $299. Finally, a turntable bearing needs to be able to withstand thousands upon thousands of revolutions without showing any signs of wear. The plinth is made of a “high performance” plastic that is non-resonant and painted with semi-gloss black paint. The metallic tonearm is stiff and well-constructed. If you would like to upgrade further down the line it is possible with all the common high-end cartridges from brands like Ortofan and Audio Technica but we honestly would not see a reason to unless it is broken or worn out. The bearing is perhaps one of the most important yet overlooked features of any great turntable. If you are looking for a turntable with a specific feature or within a certain budget you can take look at one of guides below. Their answer was insightful and interesting. So no mass production in China but instead the turntables carefully put together and tested in Boston. Bass was also deep and rich but interestingly enough, when we pushed things hard we did not notice any acoustic feedback getting into the Orbit. You can spend upwards of $500 and more on a top-quality audiophile turntable from Rega or Pro-Ject that will add a liveliness to your listening experience, but the cost of ownership can jump quickly. I … The bearing is the connection point between the platter and the plinth, and is the piece that allows your turntable to -- well -- turn! This is a common word working method to give you something that is super solid, low resonance, and immune to warping over time.

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