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April 5, 2017

Telus owns Public Mobile (best kept secret) - Referral code for $10 credit: 4M69PR, A company that doesn't care about customers problems. Somehow Telus figured out a way to be even worse. I’d be hesitant to open another account or trust the bills I receive from them. Your first day taking calls? All the customer service workers were kind and helpful, but the difficulty and disorganization I experienced in cancelling services and payments has me incredibly frustrated with TELUS as a whole. called again. I would get an onsite daycare so I could bring my kids to work and not have such a secluded schedule. All of this was occurring before COVID19 and is unfortunately worse now. They have this big thing about privacy and worry agents will steal customer incl like credit card numbers. Worst customer service experience. And it’s crystal clean inside. So long story short, she was able to do it. I've been with telus for about 6 months.

Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: … )- I think the most interesting thing is that you can be fired for having your phone on you, but yet there are consistently people. No credit checks. She walked me thru the full set up of the SIM cards and setting up the phone numbers. 9 of those employees recommended the employer in their reviews. We called in December eventually, when we realized the bills weren’t going to be corrected, spent an hour and half transferring between different departments, only to have the wrong amount removed from the cancelled account, leaving me with another bill to call and cancel. its been 4 years i am having problems with the HIFI and trying to contact them is so hard with so many wait time like one hour waiting on the phone. They said they would get back to me in 24 hours. Worked at Telus International in Las Vegas, NV at the time of review. absolutely ridiculous, better off getting other internet. Telus Communications was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jul 25, 2008 and since then this brand received 376 reviews.. Telus Communications ranks 304 of 1395 in Telecommunications category. Thorough training. I LITERALLY got a write up two days ago. Then you are talking to someone in Bogota or Colombia.\Finally got them to send a technician to fix a problem with static line. I’m still on hold while I write this review and I’m beginning to wonder if they’ll ever answer. I joined Telus with a bundle - mobility & home services (internet and TV). Telus Question? Management is demeaning. 21 employees rated this employer with an average of 3.2 points on a scale from 1 to 5. After waiting 3 days I called again. But I still sent it. You cannot work more than that due to operating hours and your daily hour cap (they don’t want to pay you double time for working over 12 hours)- training is paidThe cons?- well let’s start with the fact that training consists of 3 weeks....except in the little paper work you sign at hiring it apparently clearly states that if need be they can up and cancel your class (it snowed, not bad, but bad where the instructor lived) so already training is 7 hour days and you now up and went from 35/week paid training to just 28 hours.
The TV connection goes out every day, the internet (that I was told would be equivalent to Shaw high speed which it is SO NOT) repeatedly shows as unstable and friends who phone me say that they sometimes don't get a "ring" and no connection to my phone. If you are very, very low tech then you can go find a store and they will help you with your activation like Walmart, London Drugs, WOW Mobility and a whole lot of other places.....just use the store finder on their website.Questions are answered in the community forum and if you are still having problems you can contact a Public Mobile employee called a moderator. The next time I do go to a Telus store will be to pay off the balance owing on the contract and to cancel my service with them. daycare onsite, game room onsite.). We have a summer home in BC. Their hardware is complete garbage, their service is complete garbage, and they as a company are complete garbage.

They didn't show and told me to stay home another day. The internet service provided has been fine, but I have been disgusted by their account management. 1-2 calls while half your group hovers and listens in. On top of this the data overages are a huge rip off and you end up paying WAY too much in comparison to competitors. Honestly they don't even deserve 1 star. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore.

That states keep your phone in your locker.
The pros?- practically unlimited over time, by that I mean it’s capped at 11 hours a day (12 hour shift)- they are open 7 days a week so you have great flexibility on when to work. I have to say the plans are low cost and you can reduce the cost even further by using auto pay, referrals, loyalty rewards and community participation. They lose contracts when the companies doing business with Telus see how they treat the people they hire on. I had to call customer service for singing up 24 months contract for fibre internet and home phone and tv cable after I was trying to talk to so many employees of Telus it was misunderstanding until I got the right employee or the person and got it solved,,,was so patient and very good experience and he was in recognition of exceptional service and dedication to what you need his name is Joseph Mari soriano , very good Service , thank you Joseph for your good Service. I now pay $40 a month with Koodo. I've gone through several managers and teams, but it's been consistently one where you put the time/work in, you have opportunities to move into different positions. I have been with Telus for several years and their customer service has gone down hill drastically! Regarding a screaming customer whom I simply muted while I muttered at the insane 6:50 am insanity of a irate customer who simply lost her self control. I phoned Telus and was told they would get back to me in 3 to 5 business days. Flat rates, no scary surprises and their s h i t always works!! Worst customer service imaginable....even worse than Shaw and Shaw’s horrible support is hard to top. They carelessly lost a customer that had been paying their bills on time throughout the duration of the contract and did not miss a payment even through COVID-19 just because they refused to uphold their promise.

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