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April 5, 2017

Q. A. How can I get information about all communities in my network? You can export data from Outlook or other email programs, or start from some other list of email addresses. It can't be deleted or renamed, and you can't change any settings for the community.. Q. Drag and drop to rearrange files in the list. In external groups, you can't edit or move messages, or add a topic or a bookmark. , and in the Members section, select Add from Address Book (CSV), and specify the file name. Search for experts, conversations, and files. A. To see all the communities you're a member of, click the Yammer settings icon As a community admin, your role is to make the community as useful as possible to community members. I have also included a screenshot of how to revoke admin access. For information, see Export community members to a .csv file. The All Company community is created automatically, and includes all Yammer users on your network. Use a short name so that it is easy for people to scan the list of communites. The community description is searched when a person searches for a community, so include important keywords that will help a user find the community. How do I tell where my Yammer files are being stored? Click the community settings icon On the home page of the community, select the Add People icon, and then select the people to add to the community. The button name will change to Leave. Enable or disable email and phone notifications. To preview your import, select Preview. A. In public external groups, other users in the group can suggest that adding an external user, but the group admin has control over whether that user is added, and has to approve the addition of the external member. What is the All Company community, and can I delete it? To remove the official status of a file, click the file and select Remove Mark. Communites on your home page are listed with the communities you are most active in first. Who can make me an admin for a community? A. Here's an example of a simple .csv file with a header line, containing two email addresses: There can be additional columns in your .CSV file. Pin a file on the home page of the community. Click People, and then select View network admins. How do I tell where my Yammer files are being stored? One line per email address. In Yammer, under the list of groups, select Create Group. Tap into the knowledge of others. Choose who can view conversations and post messages. If your network allows external groups, you'll see options to create an Internal Group or External Group: Type the names of people to add to the group in the Group Members box. For more information, see Find external messaging participants in a Yammer network. A. The community admin left the company. A: Yes. The process is really simple. Get Number of Members, Creation Date, and Last Post date for All communities in your network. No. 7 Things to Try During Your Office 365 Trial. How do I get notifications when someone posts in the community? next to the person's name, and then click Remove from Community. Admins have a blue star next to their name. You must create the group as an external group - you can't change an existing internal group to be an external group. Look at other community names in your organization to see the names other people have used. For a private group, select Only group members. It also locks down the content so that only admins (community or network) and the owner of the document can edit the content. Or you might leave Yammer enabled, then go through and disable the Yammer services from the Office 365 admin center. (In this case – Make Admin. For mobile phones, you can set this on your device in the Yammer settings. Can I export community membership information to a .csv file? All communitys from Yammer networks that are in Native Mode will be manageable through these admin centers. Change the settings as needed. Official content is marked with a yellow star on the Files page, and is ranked higher in search results. All groups from Yammer networks that are in Native Mode will be manageable through these admin centers. Some of the management capabilities that can be done through the Microsoft 365 admin … Can I reorder the display of communities on my home page? A Yammer verified admin can give you community admin permissions to any community. For more information, see Add apps to Yammer and Is my community in Yammer connected to Office 365?. In the left pane, click Communities, and you can scroll through all your communities.

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