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April 5, 2017

Sign up to have our free monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox: Before you download this resource, would you like to join our email newsletter list? Eastern Indigo Snake Drymobius margaritiferus Northern Speckled Racer Elaphe gloydi Eastern Fox Snake Elaphe guttata Corn Snake... Elaphe obsoleta Bairds Rat Snake... Elaphe vulpina Western Fox Snake Farancia abacura Western Mud Snake Farancia erytrogramma Rainbow Snake... Ficimia streckeri The tiger snake is highly venomous and grows to 1.5 meters in length. Snakes are very sensitive to vibrations and actually have some remnant bones of the ear attached to the lower jawbone. For more info please call me or search this species of snake on my YouTube channel. These snakes are normally very shy and avoid contact at all costs but when threatened they stand up with the signature “S” shape ready to strike; they can strike 12 times in two seconds so these are a snake you should call about if you think you may have one in your yard! The eyes of brown water snakes are almost on … For more info please call me or see my YouTube videos; just do a search on eastern brown snake. The crown as you can see is fairly small compared to its cousins, but the way you will know its him is by his belly, the distinct yellow arrows all the way down. Thanks, … Ok, the White Crowned Snake is a fairly common snake that is active at night and grows to around 50 cm. The eastern brown snake is a highly venomous snake with a short fuse, let it be known that no snake on this planet will chase you, but some are a little more defensive than others and the eastern brown is not a snake to upset! He is nocturnal and slightly venomous. This includes key identification features for the 12 snakes whose bites are life-threatening and of medical importance. This group is to be used for snake identification (not limited to the United States). The keelback is mostly nocturnal and you can identify him by his strongly keeled scales as seen in my photo. (The only time constraints are on the quizzes after each module, which need to be completed in the allotted time once started.). There are around 20 snake species and subspecies that may fall into this category, but their bites are not necessarily considered life-threatening. To see our list of upcoming in-person courses, please go here. The rest of the course covers easily confused snakes and commonly misidentified species. We include distribution maps, scale counts and a key to identification within each group. Water snakes (even the baby snakes in Georgia) are able to dive and swim underwater. He is a very common snake found in all suburbs. © 2020 Gold Coast Snake Catcher. The colour of these snakes are endless; all patterns and shades of the rainbow are possible. Wondering what kind of snake you have found? website builder. (see description for this) Snakes do not have ears, and as a result are unable to hear air borne sound using an ear. A very common snake it’s one of the three snakes that is as happy in the trees or on your roof as he is on the ground. Slender species include rough greensnakes, several of the woodland snakes (wormsnakes, ringneck snakes, red-bellied snakes), black racers and ribbonsnakes. Visit our Facebook Group and load up a snapshot. He also has a strong dose of little big snake disease, he will stand and fight anything. Create your website today. This bloke will be forced above ground during periods of heavy rain and your cat will bring them in to you. Snake identification can be a tricky task for beginners and even for snake enthusiasts or experts. While body shapes are often generalizable for a given species, occasionally snake species deviate from their typical shapes. It is most active at night and unfortunately because of its name the poor keelback often gets mistaken for these guys. He grows to 3 meters in length and his preferred food are rats, mice and birds. Please call me or do a search on my YouTube channel for more info. The Carpet python is a very common snake found in all suburbs. Of the 172-odd species and subspecies that occur in Southern Africa, there are a few groups that seem to confuse people frequently. For more info please call me or search this species on my YouTube channel. Each snake identification page has two options, A and B follow the options through the pages. His main diet is birds but he also knocks off rats and mice. Did you know that we present online courses too? Try to determine which of the two choices better fits your snake, and then go on to the next screen. The roughscale varies a lot in colour; some having dots, some are heavily banded, some are green, grey, or brown. Click here to register for our Advanced Snake Identification course. The brown tree snake is a fairly common snake found nearly always having a nap during the day curled up on a rafter or similar, as this fellow is nocturnal and it’s ever so slightly venomous (nothing to worry about). The activity of this snake is very different as he lives underground only surfacing due to heavy rain and he only eats a very rare snake, the blind snake, who also lives under ground. Northern and banded water snakes have brown markings on their skin, which give them a striking resemblance to copperheads or cottonmouths. For more info please call me or search YouTube as I have many videos of these guys on it. Snake identification becomes especially important when the topic comes to poisonous snakes. A sm, A close-up photograph showing the short fangs of a, We run our Cape courses on a monthly basis @butter, Southern Brown Egg-eater (Dasypeltis inornata). This small snake is the snake that keeps me on my toes the most out of all gold coast snakes. Unknown Bright red, orange, or yellow Light, unmarked Marks or spots Nearly dark solid. (and being banned from other snake ID groups.. figured id make my own lol) Please be mindful of the group rules. External ear openings – All species of legless lizards have external ear openings. Although a fairly placid snake, he will defend himself using his hundred or so teeth if disturbed. Please note that alll images have been taken by Tony Harrison and Reptile Relocation and Awareness and are copyright protected. Belly Pattern. He is a very dark grey with a lighter coloured head and he has two stripes along the side of his face. This guy can be a lighter grey to nearly jet black with a cream or even yellowish crown, but most commonly a pure white crown around the top of his head. As already mentioned, some people immediately associate poisonous snakes, or venomous snakes with the snake world.

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