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April 5, 2017

", He wrote: 'I struggle with Roman numerals until I get to 159, then it just CLIX. On the other hand, if you’re writing for an audience more familiar with British English, single quotation marks will be more widely used. Webucator provides instructor-led training to students throughout the US and Canada. Double quotation marks can also be acceptable in UK English, provided you are consistent throughout the text. Test Your Knowledge of Single vs. The author read a passage from her new book, 'The night was cold and In British usage single quotation marks are used to mark direct speech (with speech within speech marked with double quotation marks) or set off a specific word. Mixing quotation marks is considered an error. How to Use Double Quotation Marks. This difference has led some programmers to believe that using single quotes offers faster performance. Quotation marks are widely used in English for directly quoting a sentence spoke or written by someone. Example: “Are you crazy?” said Caitlin. In both American English and British English, most people use a space In Copy-Editing, Judith Butcher points out that some writers have their own system of quotation marks, e.g., double quotation marks for speech and single quotation marks for thoughts. ‘When you said “Commas don’t matter,” I died a little inside.’, “Is he crazy?” said Caitlin. Therefore, the first alphabet won’t be capitalized.

dark. Single quotes are used to enclose a quote within a quote, a quote within a headline, or a title within a quote. ", The Defence Secretary stood up and declared: 'At 0600 hours tomorrow, "Ark Royal" will set sail with her full complement of crew. Note that the ending period for this sentence resides inside the quotation marks, not outside.

[1] Other uses of single quotation marks that CMOS does not recommend are as follows: These rules may apply if you are using a different style guide that recommends them. Use single quotation marks for a quotation or title (article, … “When you said ‘Mark said “Commas don’t matter,”’ I died a little inside.”, Use single quotation marks for words not being used for their meaning, Use single quotation marks for emphasis (CMOS recommends using italics for emphasis; occasionally quotation marks may be used depending on the context. While not technically incorrect, the use of single quotation marks to mark speech is uncommon in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Your email address will not be published. I’ve talked/ranted about the rampant abuse of quotation marks before, but today I want to dig a little deeper and explain the difference between single quotes vs. double quotes. This would help the reader to avoid confusion. dark. In the UK, while both styles of quotes is accepted to mark direct speech, the use of single quotes is more predominant. For the purposes of this blog post, I’m only going to be talking about Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) rules as that’s what my General Proofreading course is built around. Janie has published a book "Develop and Deliver an Online Class." Conventionally, most English speaking countries use double quotes to mark direct speech and single quotes to mark speech within speech. The use of single quotes [ ' ... ' ] or double quotes [ “...” ] differs with context and geographic location. When the phrase or word enclosed within the parentheses showcases the meaning of the word or phrase used prior to the quotation mark, you can use single quotation marks instead. Others maintain that smart quotes should be used for speech and as apostrophes, while straight quotes are only used to denote feet and inches. This one gets slightly trickier. The character set being used is undefined: some applications require a Unicode byte order mark (BOM) to enforce Unicode interpretation (sometimes even a UTF-8 BOM). You’re probably wondering “How do I know if I should use single or double quotes?”. For example: When asked why he preferred to sit while addressing his managers, the CEO said, "I had a professor in college who said, 'Always sit while talking to your managers so they do not feel intimidated.'". What are single quotation marks used for? Fun fact: British people also call quotation marks inverted commas! Use quotation marks for titles of songs, short stories, short poems, magazine or newspaper articles, and chapter titles. Uses of single quotation marks in English 1. ‘When you said “Commas don’t matter,” I died a little inside.’. If you compare both the examples, the first alphabet in the first example is capitalized whereas in the second example, it is not.

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