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April 5, 2017

The Seattle Police Department Crime Data Dashboard, gives Seattle residents access to the same statistical information on incidents of property and violent crime used by SPD commanders, officers and analysts to direct police patrols. Content. double, average wind-speed (m/s) weather. Seattle cyclists, as a whole, tend to take off work New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and the days surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let's see what they represent: All three of these outlying Fridays fall in the middle of May. The starting point for official government weather forecasts, warnings, meteorological products for forecasting the weather… Where can I find historical raw weather data for a project I am doing with focus on the USA and Canada. In other words, where the previous post examined the data using a supervised machine learning approach for data modeling, this post will examine the data using an unsupervised learning approach for data exploration. character, description of weather… Further, the two groups begin to be less distinguishable when the number of trips during the day is very small. Yesterday’s ET in the Seattle area: ( ) Calculate how much to irrigate your landscape. Please note: irrigation is not needed in the Seattle area during the months of October through March. We can think of this data now as representing 1001 distinct objects which live in a 48-dimensional space: the value of each dimension is the number of bicycle trips measured on a particular side of the bridge at a particular hour. Seattle cyclists, as a whole, tend to head to the office on the more minor US holidays: Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, and Veterans Day. We have seen here that by taking a close look at raw bicycle counts and using some basic visualization and unsupervised machine learning, we can make some very definite statements about the overall work habits of people in Seattle who bicycle to work across the Fremont bridge. Besides coffee, grunge and technology companies, one of the things that Seattle is most famous for is how often it rains. This dataset contains complete records of daily rainfall patterns from January 1st, 1948 to December 12, 2017. here. From here, we could do a variety of other visualizations based on our intuition about what might affect bicycle counts. Let's quickly visualize the daily stats for these, along with the mean trend over all days. With this ready to go, we can compute the complete list of non-weekend days on which Seattle bicycle commuters as a whole chose to stay home from work: On the other side of things, here are the Federally recognized holidays where Seattle bicycle commuters chose to go to work anyway: A colleague of mine, Ariel Rokem, saw the first version of this post and noticed something interesting. After some poking-around on the internet, the answer becomes clear: we've discovered Seattle's annual bike to work day. To label these, let's load the US Federal holiday calendar available in Pandas: Just for completeness, we will add to the list the day before and day after each of these holidays: Note that these are observed holidays, which is why New Years Day 2012 falls on January 2nd. 54 F Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Station | Report. The technique we'll use is Principal Component Analysis (PCA), a fast linear projection which rotates the data such that the projection preserves the maximum variance. This pattern holds nearly universally for Fridays, all except for three strange outliers which lie far on the other side of the cluster. Press enter or select the go button to submit request, Washington State Climatologist Newsletter, Interesting United States Weather Facts and Extremes, 2016 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2015 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2014 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2013 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2012 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2011 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2010 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2009 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2008 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2007 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2006 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2005 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington, 2004 Weather Year In Review for Western Washington. We will also see some real-world examples of the use of unsupervised machine learning algorithms, such as Principal Component Analysis and Gaussian Mixture Models, in exploring and extracting meaning from data.

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