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April 5, 2017

Stay home if you are sick or having symptoms as indicated in the above-listed "When To Stay Home" tab. Students may wear a polo shirt or dress shirt. Unannounced visits cannot be accommodated. This summer our main goal was to safely open our school amid the pandemic while also making plans for full NTI learning in case opening campus was not an option. Capacity on campus will not exceed 50% at any time. All individuals on campus are required to wear a mask. Monday and Tuesday will be an A-H schedule, Wednesday will remain the same, schedule, and Thursday and Friday will be an H-A schedule. Saint Xavier High School has made arrangements with Norton Health Care to have preferred testing access at the Norton Respiratory Illness Testing Center facility on Poplar Level Road. The first 24 hours of various antibiotic treatments (i.e. We are trying to do what is best to keep our young men connected to our campus and make sure they get the best our teachers have to offer. Any travel to a state with a 15% or higher positivity rate will require a 14-day quarantine. Governor Beshear recently added Florida to the travel advisory list, stating "Due to the removal of public health restrictions, there is a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 in Florida, therefore a 14-day self-quarantine is recommended after travel to Florida.” St. X will follow this recommendation. These announcements will also be distributed to students, families, faculty and staff through standard school methods. At her clinical discretion, the school nurse may ask that the student be referred to their Primary Care Provider for evaluation and possible testing. St. X will begin academic instruction on Monday, August 24. The intent of these announcements is to maintain effective communication with the St. X community within the changing landscape of COVID-19. Due to privacy policies, specific names of any individual confirmed with COVID-19 will not be released. Students arriving on time for the school day are to enter through the Student Plaza/Cafeteria circle. The addition of. Plexi-glass partitions have been installed in key areas including Student Services. More details on online instruction will be forthcoming. In order to make it possible for campus to remain open, please: We have several faculty members who have significant medical issues that put them in high-risk categories or they live with a high-risk person, and we will not risk their health by having them in the building. The following extensive health and safety measures are currently in place: Unfortunately, the campus must remain closed to visitors/guests at this time. This team will monitor daily operations, policies, and procedures as it relates to COVID-19 safety protocol. As for athletics and activities, we are awaiting direction from KHSAA and other groups on those decisions. Athletics | Saint Xavier High School is a private, Catholic high school in Louisville, Kentuck. If a student presents to the nurse with ONE COVID-19 symptom, appropriate steps will be taken for the student to be picked up. Saint Xavier will require a daily temperature check as well as the completion of a daily wellness questionnaire for all participants upon arrival to campus.

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