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April 5, 2017

The silver finish, while similar to a chrome steel look, is almost liquid-esque. We profile over 2,500 unique shafts each year for our shaft profiling system. If you think an equipment change would be helpful, visit a club fitter like Club Champion or True Spec and find out. We’ve created an extensive list of Project X shafts and their flex codes. The heavily mentioned exceptional feel makes for a very controllable iron shaft that should enable players to hit a wide range of shots. Discover our choice of vests and jackets when temperatures rise - bombers, waistcoats, cardigans, windcheaters ... Project X Paris offers vests for every style. The PX LZ has both a reinforced tip and butt section, which creates a mid-section that is more active. That’s the one. Thanks and take care during these strange times. Perfect example of the need to get properly fit. Just not the experience I had. tegen het licht is gehouden waren de Project X-rellen in de gemeente Haren in september 2012. I was surprised that the 5.5s and not the 6.0s were best me for. Either way, the only way to tell is to properly test and see if the Project X Catalyst is the right shaft for you. I think a player that has always played steel, but is hitting a phase in their game where they’ve lost speed and need something a little smoother and easier to launch is a good candidate. Click here for more informations. I’m considering giving them a chance especially since the Mizuno rep said that if I wasn’t happy Mizuno would reshaft with Recoils for $20/club. If the Reviewer is a 2 Hdcp with a swing speed of 125 mph, and he has problems with a clubs lack of forgiveness, or has trouble launching the new 16° Utility Iron, then you know, based upon your 22. based upon incomplete & inadequate info./data. That would be a lose/lose proposition. You won’t experience a significant kick at release, but a smooth flex through the ball. Designed by WPZOOM. Bill- any recos for similar graphite shafts but with stiffer tips? Thats what I am looking for more so than distance. Frequency Matching is a highly technical method of precisely measuring and defining the flex of the golf shaft through electronic calibration. I’m naturally a high spin player with irons and have a high swing speed (115-120 with a driver) with an aggressive transition (downcock with a lot of lag). We help national and international clients navigate between the 'analytical' and 'creative' world in order to increase competitive advantage and create leapfrog growth. Catalyst is the next step in graphite iron design. What are your thoughts. The standard Project X shaft has the same stiffness profile throughout the entire shaft. Going stiffer or heavier may help, but it’s impossible to say for sure. These appear to be a proprietary version for Callaway. I’m gaming with Mizuno JPX900 forged in KBS Tour C-taper 120g stiff. I went to the PX site and found Catalysts in 40, 50, 60, 80, 80CW and 100 CW. All I had to do was ease up and make a nice easy swing. I wouldn’t have guessed 5.5 either if that’s your swing speed, but if it works it works. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I am playing at scratch but wonder if a change in weight or flex is needed. Sorry I can’t help. Has vibration dampening improved in steel shafts? Interesting feedback from them. I think the LZ and the X100 are very distinct, particularly in feel. I like a high ball flight. Het via Facebook aangekondigde project-X feest lijkt volledig uit de hand te lopen. You mentioned that these play a bit stiffer. Good luck on your hunt! Smoke Green is the latest engineering marvel in the HZRDUS Universe. I know a few other players, with very different swings than me, that have put the LZ into their bags and their feedback is exactly the same. Feel is very subjective. I’ve found for whatever reason that this new head shaft combo has knocked too much spin off, as much as 2-3k rpm from my old setup (cobra amp with whatever stock stiff shaft they came with. Ss is 110 driver , 87 with a 6 iron , fit into Modus 110 Stiff hard stepped once . It would be a misleading & gimmicky act, and it would cheapen 1 of the best online golf sites on the net, and there’s enough of those already. My first reaction when opening the box containing these Project X Catalyst shafts was that “whoa this is slick” whistle sound. Featuring our new Iso-6 material technology, Catalyst is engineered to replicate steel alloy properties over 100% better than traditional graphite laminates. Project X Catalyst Graphite Iron Shaft. So, in a Project X LZ steel shaft, is 5.5 regular flex or stiff flex?

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