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April 5, 2017

If you are interested to customise Matomo further, see our Matomo White Label offer. If you got more than 50,000 visits, you will know you very likely need to comply with CCPA. The file is only modified when the Super User changes some settings in the Admin interface (activating plugins, changing smtp settings, etc.). 3. Why do Matomo data reports differ from Google Analytics and other analytics tools? For example some third party plugins from our open Marketplace may be released under a different license than GPL. Plugin name: wp-matomo, not to be confused with the plugin mentioned below called WP-Matomo Integration (WP-Piwik). tmp/* contains temporary and cached files such as: compiled templates, generated PDFs, tracking caches, etc. (alternatively, if you are not planning to ask for cookie consent in the future, you can also disable all analytics cookies for all visitors). Matomo is open source and its code is publicly available on Github. Download “itcs Matomo plugin” plugin and extract it to “/tmp” folder inside Joomla directory and rename the folder to “itcs Matomo Plugin” (, the data is not used for any other purpose than analytics (compared to GA which uses it for other purposes and therefore always requires consent), visitors aren’t tracked across websites (compared to GA which does track visitors across many websites), fingerprints change daily for every visitor meaning no visitor can be followed across days within the same website, and no user profiles can be generated when cookies are disabled. This plugin needs to be configured for it to work with Matomo. This is needed to make PHP a little more secure. If something is missing, you will see a warning. Matomo Analytics and Matomo Tag Manager ensures full compliance to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other privacy laws worldwide. Open your website in the browser and perform some actions (eg: navigate to different pages) Can I get the data from the Matomo API web services and publish, reuse, process this data in a non GPL software? In general there are a few options to track bots and search engine bots using Matomo depending on how you track users in Matomo: See also: Why do Matomo data reports differ from Google Analytics and other analytics tools? Does Matomo track visits from Mobile devices (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, low end mobile phones, etc.)? The Matomo tracking code will need to be added to your Webflow site via the embed code element. Using Custom Variables in Matomo (Tutorial) October 1, 2012 , 8:00 am , About; Welcome to the first in a series of new type of blog posts we will be bringing your way. The PHP SDK is always the most up to date one and the one that you can refer to when implementing a new SDK, since Matomo itself uses the PHP SDK for server-side tracking. There is a config setting to enable database session storage.

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