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April 5, 2017

Welcome to Three Times Weekly Updates! The area I am going to has a particularly virulent poisonous snake called a "Mojave Green." I am gettig different versons of how to treat snakebite for this snake. Classifieds: We have changed Classifieds to a cheaper and shorter option. Be sure to wipe in the direction away from the wound. You may not use any information found within the articles without asking permission AND giving attribution to the source. A friend of the Beat lost a beloved dog recently due to the bite of a Mojave rattlesnake, which is not expected at the altitude of Silver City. According to a Grant County Extension Office spokewoman, the same species of rattlesnake, the most venomous and most AGGRESIVE snake in the U.S., has also been spotted near Mineral Creek and off Little Walnut Road. I had the same concern and here is an old thread with some info. The Crotalidae family includes the following snakes: rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths, or water moccasins. Want more news? “A field guide to reptiles & amphibians: eastern and central North America”. Don't forget to tell advertisers that you saw their ad on the Beat. If you are lucky the bite will be from an adult snake not a young one, older snakes have learned to dry bite in defence from a non food threat. Keep the bite at or below heart level. Join our newsgroup on Facebook with over 117,000 members, Like our Facebook page, and Follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to notify , if you notice any technical problems on the site. Thanks for your support for and your readership of Grant County's online news source—, var now = new Date(); Rattlesnake bites are a medical emergency. The two older dogs, the GS and the GSP were professionally snake avoidance trained and they actively avoid rattlers, the mut was snake avoidance trained by me using a road killed diamondback and a shock collar a few months after he was bitten. • FIRST - Stay calm. If you have a rattlesnake in/around your home and wish to have it removed contact High Desert Wildlife Control at (760)961-5980 or visit their website: Paid for by the Committee to Elect Rebecca Dow. According to SB County radio traffic, the victim was bitten in the right index by a 24 inch Mojave Green. When my dog was bitten she was given steroids antibiotics and pain meds. Those new to providing news releases to the Beat are asked to please check out submission guidelines at Antivenin requires 60 minutes to reconstitute before it can be administered. You should be able to slip a finger between the skin & the bandage. He gave her a general anesthetic to lance the leg and reduce the swelling and she never came out of it. DO NOT SCRUB THE WOUND OR TRY TO EXPRESS (press out or suck out) ANY VENOM OR BLOOD. This can lead to more tissue trauma and damage. At about 9:30pm, firefighters with San Bernardino County Fire were dispatched to a General Atomics in the 9700 block of Yucca Road in Adelanto reference an employee bitten by a snake. • Quickly take off any jewelry, watches, or tight clothing near the bite, before swelling starts. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1998, and Stebbins RC. DO NOT remove the elastic bandage until the person bitten has reached the hospital and has been assessed by a physician. Hasn't grown hair on the inside of that leg since. Are you getting it from your vet? • Apply direct pressure to the wound ONLY if it is bleeding profusely. University of California, San Diego School of Medicine/Dr. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Not a lot of research but enough people report improved outcomes to make it worthwhile to us. University of California, San Diego School of Medicine/Dr. This will help stabilize any swelling and slow any possible venom from circulating. He was in the grass by the side of the trail and we both heard the rattle but he jumped back immediately so I was sure he was OK. 10 minutes after he could not walk, he began panting and foaming at the mouth. New Columnists: The Beat continues to bring you new columnists. You can unsubscribe anytime. Her sister got bit once on the foreleg, it swelled up so bad it was breaking the skin by the time we got her to the vet in town. Recently killed snakes may still bite by reflex. JavaScript is disabled. If practical, try to limit movement of the affected body part as much as possible. Do not apply a cold pack or ice to the bite. 3d ed. In the United States, 99 % of snakebites are caused by the Crotalidae (pitviper) family of snakes. They all 3 encounter rattlesnakes frequently and they avoid contact. Rattlesnake Bite Treatment for "Mojave Greens"? National statistics show 96% of bites were located on an extremity, 56% to the hand. • Seek medical attention immediately. Remain a safe distance from the snake at all times. I had to lift him into the car. It. Treatment for snake bites is best conducted in an appropriate medical facility. Wondering how it worked out? Leave bite uncovered unless bandaging is needed. Remain calm, and move away from the snake. Grant County Beat • Powered by Amazon Web Services R5a.Large Joomla Instance • Site Design by Toolie Web Design. Her other dog is recovering. County firefighters requested the use of helicopter H325 to airlift the patient to Loma Linda University Medical Center for treatment. And check out the old faithfuls who continue to provide content. I feel like some of you should ask your vet, but luckily I’m here to help. Send your information to and we will post it as soon as we can. Were you happy with it? No two dogs are the same, sounds like this vaccine is the way to go. National studies report a seasonal occurrence bites, with 90% of all reported snakebites occurring from April to October (May: 1 bite out of every 25 cases; June to August: 19 bites out of every 25 cases; and September to October: 5 bites out of every 25 cases). Disclaimer: If you find errors in articles not written by the Beat team but sent to us from other content providers, please contact the writer, not the Beat. Be prepared to perform CPR as necessary. I used to give the vaccine, the cost was low compared to other investments I was making into my hunting and losing a skilled hunting dog would be very devastating and expensive and timely to replace. The Grant County Extension Service will bring you monthly columns on gardening issues.

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