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April 5, 2017

Italian Researchers Present 6-Month Pilot Study of LDN for PPMS. This problem has affected large numbers of troops returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When LDN was added, her blisters cleared and slowly healed over a 6-week period during which time she slowly tapered her prednisone. Opioid growth factor improves clinical benefit and survival in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Multi-Institutional Clinical Trial of LDN for MS Has Begun in Italy. Pt. According to their website, the goal of TNI BioTech is “to enable combat fatal disease by...mobilizing the body’s own immune system using TNI’s patented compound(s)”. The trials involved: Bernard Bihari, MD, Discoverer of the Human Uses of LDN. She began taking low dose naltrexone in August 2000. Within two months of her recently starting LDN, all of her symptoms and signs—including all signs of her Parkinson's—subsided and she was able to walk with a cane for the first time in almost two decades. Motivated by a special interest in the very difficult conditions of many women and children in Africa, Dr. McCandless and Dr. Zimmerman, her husband, are trying to raise philanthropic donations for the study (e-mail them here). The results revealed that LDN use led to “significant improvement “ in a series of mental health quality of life measures within two months. This appears to be a long-sought opportunity to present the story of LDN and associated substances to one of the foremost research institutions in the world. Phase II of LDN for Crohn’s Complete; Early Results in May. Skip Lenz. Parents interested in having their child join this research project should contact Sandra Bingaman, RN, at 717-531-8108. tumor despite repeated courses of chemotherapy and multiple debulking surgery. Pending institutional approvals, the year 2007 may finally see US clinical studies of LDN in multiple sclerosis and in fibromyalgia. 1999), he has started 120 patients with various cancers on LDN. On this website and from our downloadable newsletters, you will be able to read the stories of some of these people. from the use of LDN: Please send an e-mail — click here — with the name and telephone number of that person (or, if more ), Phase II of LDN for Crohn’s Complete; Early Results in May. Dr. Bihari will call the A minimum donation of $50.00 per attendee is suggested, but not required. There was recent increased involvement of the descending colon with the disappearance note: activation of these receptors is one of the key effects Viral load had remained undetectable throughout this time. The therapeutic dosage range for LDN is from 1.75mg to 4.5mg every night at She revisited the office in mid-October and reported that she not only The initial such patient came to him four years ago to seek treatment for prevention of recurrence of colon cancer. The first patient, a man in his mid-60's from New Jersey, had his first annual revisit to Dr. Bihari for a check-up in April 2002. The coronavirus pandemic asserts its power by easily attacking those with a weak, dysfunctional immune system. Two patients with advanced disease showed significant improvement in their forced vital capacity. These compounders have all been able to demonstrate that a large number of their clients have all had beneficial results using the LDN they prepared. her serum tumor marker (CA125) dropped from a level of 1220 to 82 within two he should be in Bethesda to present a detailed report on a number of his A repeat CT scan Julia Schopick, a writer and public relations consultant, who posts the Honest Medicine blog, has published a new book, Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases, now available online. Animal Research at Penn State Uses LDN and a Model of MS. Mali Plan for LDN HIV Clinical Trial Gains Support. malignant melanoma. Also, further developments concerning the Parisian woman (described below in The effects of LDN on quality of life was measured using the multiple sclerosis quality of life inventory. Some people went back to work really improving their quality of life." Cost of medication, office visits, and blood work are paid by the study. A recently published report from Germany details important success in the use of low dose naltrexone (LDN) for treating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Within a few days those 22 patients experienced a decrease of some 80% to 95% in their muscle pains. Dr. Bernard Bihari in Hospital. Those interested should contact the study coordinator, Sandra Bingaman, R.N., at 717-531-8108, or An important research paper by Sharp et al, published in Biochemical Pharmacology For more information, see McCandless' original essay. They hope to begin training all involved personnel shortly and then start the study in May if possible. She had had the usual initial pelvic surgery, followed Jaquelyn McCandless, MD and her husband Jack Zimmerman, PhD, have announced that the Institutional Review Board in Bamako, the capital of Mali, has approved the plans for the long awaited clinical trial of LDN in HIV-infected citizens of Mali. regimen of very vigorous athletics. Speakers included Burt Berkson, MD, PhD, author Mary Boyle Bradley and pharmacist Dr. LDN Aware Week Observed; UK Conference Scheduled for Oct 23. Note: The LDN Conference of October 2009 differs from all prior US LDN conferences in that it is being organized entirely by Ms. O'Malley, with no involvement by David Gluck, MD or this website.]. Met-enkephalin Successful in Treating Advanced Pancreatic Cancer. She is an 82 year old woman who, over a period of three months, developed blisters on her ankles, the soles of her feet, her arms and her neck, which on biopsy proved diagnostic of pemphigoid. [Ed. Within Bihari's entire practice, about 40% of patients with various kinds of cancer do not appear to noticeably respond to LDN, and some 10% have been lost to follow-up. Third Annual LDN Conference Sets New Attendance Record. year. Bernard Bihari, MD reports unexpectedly rapid improvement in two patients with ALS.  In the September 2002 Latest News (see below), we described several people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis who were reporting measurable improvement in their ability to breathe in the months following their beginning LDN treatment. ], Clinical Trials for LDN / Recently Published, Therapy with the Opioid Antagonist Naltrexone Promotes Mucosal Healing in Active Crohn’s Disease: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial, Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases. As announced in our Latest News for November 2003, Jill P. Smith, MD, Professor of Medicine at Penn State's Hershey Medical Center, is currently enrolling patients in a four-month pilot study. Dr. McCandless is actively seeking philanthropic donations (e-mail her here). 1) Doctor Bihari has described the courses of several of his patients who have ), LDN Continues to Show Benefits for ALS and PLS. The six-month, multi-center trial was carried out in 40 patients, all of whom had primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Alzheimer's Disease. Biopsy showed that the node was metastatic from the lung tumor. Two New LDN Studies Planned at Eminent US Medical Centers. Participants will receive either placebo or naltrexone for 8 weeks, then all those involved will receive low dose naltrexone during the last 8 weeks. Cancer.  About 15 months ago, a 41-year-old man from Toronto with renal cell carcinoma, with metastatic lesions in his liver and lungs, contacted Dr. Bihari. On the same day, a petition requesting measures to ensure general LDN availability was delivered to 10 Downing Street. and interfere with its effectiveness. Dr. Nicholas Plotnikoff, Chairman of TNI BioTech, recently announced that his company has acquired all of Dr. Bernard Bihari's use-patents for low dose naltrexone. Specific and detailed information is available at the trial website. We have made an effort to keep all names and email address identifiers obscured. Please Contact Us. Within the first week of November, it was reported On January 31, 2012, Transparency Life Sciences initiated a new technique for clinical research studies on the Internet, which involves the detailed participation of anyone who is interested, a method called crowdsourcing. The website has begun an update as of this month, incorporating current data reported from Dr. Bihari's practice. Patients with MS & RA have Weak Immune Systems. Items needed include all original pathology slides as well as the actual MRI's, CT scans, X-rays, and other necessary evidence which now reside at a variety of far-flung hospitals and physicians' offices. One of these patients has shown some increase in tumor bulk. Note: For details of the data we must await scheduled publication in a medical journal. A survey of those with MS who are taking LDN, covering a host of issues and individual comments, had gathered over 200 responses as of this writing. Once the trial is completed and successful, its publication should do much to persuade the medical world of the value of LDN. A crossover study at the University of California, San Francisco, is being planned by neurological researcher Bruce Cree, MD. Mali Studies on LDN for HIV/AIDS Published. Conference Multimedia Now Available. The company announced that it will “immediately move forward” with its IND 067442 (Investigational New Drug) proposal for Phase 3 clinical research in patients age 12 and older who have moderate to severe Crohn’s disease. 1.0. Please see Medical Journal Articles Concerning LDN for details. Dr. Bihari has found that the best approach is to carefully investigate these patients for chronic infections: specific searches are made for chlamydia, mycoplasma, Epstein-Barr virus, and herpes virus 6. called Dr.Bihari, and LDN was once again shipped over to her. HIV/AIDS.  In early May, Dr. Bihari began treating a woman who not only had diabetes, which required a moderately high dosage of insulin (90 units daily), but who also was suffering from lipodystrophy as a complication of her AIDS therapy.

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