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April 5, 2017

Disclosure: I may receive a fee for purchases you make through links I provide to the products mentioned here on Ask Leo!. Even if we're going to work on this in a different program, just being able to open some of these ancient files that we get from local city governments is a huge win for us. When I got a new computer, I checked online and found Open Office is not that regularly updated any more. One notable port … There are version for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The physical size of the document would be different, but the number of words would remain about the same. This is a good tip. They were good enough for me to be able to send via e-mail to others. It is, however, missing email and calendar applications. There may be advantages to .od* files, but whenever I set someone up with Libre Office, I set the default to save as MS Office formats. It is being used by persons that use the Linux environment and some Windows users that like that it is open source or just prefer it to Microsoft Office. i have been using kingsoft office beta 3 and did not update as the meta version is free and there is nothing to complain about. This is nit-picky, but I don't like how it opens the startup menu every time - like you open a program, and it opens the overall menu. Open Office looks and feels quite different than Microsoft Office. Some of the students had Macs and didn’t have MS Office installed, as an experiment, I had them install Libre Office. LibreOffice was always ahead. Excel. I tried some “Freewares” for MS Office substitute ,, didn’t like’em !! Click here and get The Ask Leo! I was wondering if a text in word has the same words with open office. The software can sometimes be laggy and the design options are not quite at Microsoft level, but it is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats and there's only a small learning curve to it. Kingsoft has a free version of their office suite that includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation. I sometimes use it to copy and paste text from web pages and .pdf files before copying and pasting them into Word or Excel. Subscribe now and I'll see you there soon. Considering factors such as compatibility with microsoft office,timely updates,etc which is the best out of these two as a viable alternative to MS office on win 10? OpenOffice makes it very easy to create and edit documents fast. I was running Ubuntu in a virtual machine to see what Linux was like, and I learned some differences about it such as this one. There seem to be issues using this app in Windows 10. System compatibility: I was able to access and use it with fairly old systems, and did not need a new or current PC to install and operate. Not well-suited: It is not behaving well on Windows 10 - see previous comments - Processing time is very long. Once LO was announced, the linux version Go-OO only needed to be renamed. Compatibility is a real issue: you can’t send documents to Word users – who are most people, after all – with any confidence that the letter, report etc will display and handle properly if it has any formatting complications at all. The only real drawback is that Notepad doesn’t have a spell checker, so it requires actual human editing. It's legitimately a quality product, the layout looks good, it's not nearly as pushy as "other suites," and for the money it's the best! So, for example, I want to work on a database file in calc, so I open up calc - the first thing it does is say "which of these programs would you like to work with?" On the surface, this implies that you can happily exchange documents with people who use Microsoft Office. It is good for any document that doesn’t need special formatting. Downloads there are reviewed and approved by the Apache OpenOffice community. As mentioned above, give Kingsoft Office 2013 Free a try. Apache OpenOffice is both an open-source product and a project. Depending on how you use your word processing program, you may be able to find a good, free alternative to Word. Comments violating those rules will be removed. This section of your post explains to us just how little you really know about the subject you are posting about. Find out more about each product by going to and click “Product” on the navigation bar. “Open Office will probably not have all of the advanced features that Microsoft Office has. What I mean is i.e if a text page in word has 400 words,is gonna be the same in office too or the size is got changed. 19 October 2017: The Apache OpenOffice project announces the official release of version 4.1.4. Click on + sign before Load/Save in the left list. (But it is easy to convert OpenOffice format to an MS format.). Is Open Office a suitable alternative for you? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I would like to see more inclusive design - things that make accessibility a priority. The origins come from before Oracle, where evens Suns processes didn't accept all patches so most distros maintained "OpenOffice" but the one they used was not the OpenOffice you would download from OOO. Technology in terms you understand. OpenOffice: Fast, Free, Simple, And Easy To Use.

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