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April 5, 2017

Hvitserk spun it, saying that he had avenged his and Ubbe’s mother, Aslaug, who Lagertha had killed when she took over Kattegat. He leaned forward and placed his lips in your neck. it better. “Yes.” While you said that you pressed your lower body against him. This article contains content from the Owl Edition of Nordisk familjebok, a Swedish encyclopedia published between 1904 and 1926, now in the public domain. You hold him and make soft soothing sounds. anyone and decide to get rid of his enemies starting with the person was one so One shot - Hvitserk Imagine being Hvitserk’s wife and coming home to see he made a huge mess in the kitchen. Summary: Revna has always been there for Ivar, but after he Your head slammed heavily against the wall and you grunted, the pain making you blink a few times to clear your vision. “What happened to the kitchen?” You asked him dead serious and raised an eyebrow. It kept you safe.” Hvitserk chuckles. Bjorn knows your partner is toxic before you do. Death is coming for him in a few The corners of his mouth pointing downwards. but will be there for you. “It saved you, it saved …us.” He mutters. Hvitserk just stood there, watching you. • If you save: like or credit @hoghstan on Twitter. For information about how to add references, see, Reserve Officers' Training Corps (Philippines), People of the American Civil War by state, Articles incorporating text from the Nordisk familjebok, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Tears he did not know he still had. And yet again he didn’t clean up afterwards. tell him that. to accept that she lost her little grumpy boy and that he now was a mad king To an old empty farmstead. Hvitserk Imagine: Wife Stealer . I would be really happy if you leave a comment saying what you think You can only describe it as “almost as bad as Ivar.” He’ll confront you about how he doesn’t like your partner and how they won’t do you any good. He’s super protective of you when they’re around, and won’t let you out of his sight. Pick a fandom, pick a character, pick a certain theme or situation, and I'll make a moodboard about it. short hours and he will not see the light of the sun again in this life; his enemies You allow him his emotions, his pain and his fear. "I have a bed that is warm. “Hvitserk?” you yelled again and walked into the living room. It was quiet in your apartment until the front door suddenly burst open. Suddely he grasped for your wrist and pulled you back. Look what Bjorn did to his first daughter! I will look for a suited gif-reaction and turn it into a gif imagine. You started to laugh. “Not at all.” And then you couldn’t help yourself anymore. Out of all your boys, Hvitserk tends to be the friendliest and the most social, but when your partner’s around, he’s a completely different person. You draw him in for a slow kiss. All of you have been so kind, whether it is commenting on my posts or messaging me to say hello. There came no answer. people in Kattegat start rebelling against him, Ivar assumes he can’t trust William took a deep breath and spoke. You never know!”). “You know, it’s okay to cry.” You whisper. Hvitserk moans softly against your lips. Before watching Vikings I saw so many comments about how Aslaug was a bad mother because of Ubbe and Hvitserk falling in the ice. Be ruthless. Feel free to use ❤️. This article does not contain any citations or references. Excise weakness Hvitserk puts his head in your lap and sighs. hey i saw that you're open for requests with ragnarssons! Summary: Ecbert panics. “Okay I have to admit it’s not my best dish.” He crossed his arms over his chest and cocked his head. I think I need to say sorry for you too Hvitserk… It’s not the best thing I did… I need the right colors then it’ll be perfect. A farm where once a farmer had loved his wife. Hvitserk "Whiteshirt" (Russian: Рыжебородый Tупик, tr. But in all seriousness, from the bottom of my heart, if you have been following me since that first post and have stuck around, I love you! Not even Ivar can keep me away from you. He nods slowly.“You came back.” You whisper. Please improve this article by adding a reference. He bites gingerly at your throat. You look up at him. He sighs and pulls you down with him. Hvitserk climbs on top of you, kissing your breath away. Sigurd scolded his older brother and rolled his eyes at the chuckles of the older two. Oh how Hvitserk must regret jumping ship now. You placed your arms around his neck and leaned towards him. “How was the journey?” You ask, between kisses. “I saw them. He was a man who did no good but get drunk. The First Time He Says ‘I Love You’ - Hvitserk, Come and Lay the Roses 26- Under Those Same Stars- [Ivar x OC], The Boss - Modern Ivar X Reader Mob Boss AU - Chapter 5. If you are new to my blog, Hi, it’s nice to meet you:), @a-mess-of-fandoms @hvitserkmarcosource @ivarsgoddess @youbloodymadgenius @heavenly1927 @saldelys @herestherealproblem. the hostile and barren surface of Neo-Wessex. Be fearless. Anyway, here is the next part hope you enjoy! “I am done fighting. These boys are PROS at sniffing out toxic relationships. If you want to make a request for an imagine, you just have to send me an ask. “Are you kidding me?” you said full disbelief. I don’t get much time to write now and it sucks! You lead him away from Kattegat. “I have no more tears.” He rasps. A/N: I’m so sorry I’ve gone off schedule with the updates!! Ecbert had been careful to keep his rage concentrated on the items on his desk and not his man. This article does not contain any citations or references. “Come, I know a place.” You whisper. Hvitserk lost balance and almost slipped out of the chair. After having avenged his father together with his brothers, he went pillaging in Garðaríki. AN: Oh my God it has been way too long since I’ve updated! . You moan softly and pull softly on his sandy coloured braids.

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