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April 5, 2017

Lee Kong Chian laid the foundation stone of the National Library at Stamford Road on 15 August 1957. 1966 Experimentation on the development of sound recordings for the blind had begun many years earlier. The International Union Catalog is made available on the NLS website and the CD-BLND edition goes from prototype to production. Since fewer records were required for each book, readers and librarians could handle, store, and ship the ten-inch, 8-1/3 rpm records much more easily and economically than the larger, bulkier records. The first computer-produced catalog of 16-2/3 rpm talking-book titles was presented at the eighth National Conference of Librarians Serving Blind and Physically Handicapped Individuals, held in Louisville, Kentucky, May 15-17, 1972. Cassette books are recorded at 1-7/8 ips on two tracks and machines are made available for general circulation. The Library of Congress presents the exhibition “Louis Braille: His Legacy and Influence” in observance of the 200th anniversary of his birth. Notable developments include model D, the seventeenth disc player, which was introduced in fiscal year 1957. Study is begun on reader acceptability of Grades 1 and 2 braille. 2011 01 Oct 2020, The Raffles National Library Ordinance (No. These centers were established in response to the serious problems of storage and logistics created by the growth of the program after 1967 without parallel expansion of space at NLS to house, coordinate, and ship reading materials and playback equipment. Its primary concern was selecting titles to be embossed. Called the “Easy Machine”, it has only two main controls: a sliding switch to start, play, and stop the machine, as well as to control the volume; and a push button to rewind tape. Last Updated Tactile map circulation begins from NLS and a catalog is published listing the holdings. The NLS Technology Assessment and Research Program compiles Technology in Transition, which describes a long-term technical vision and the plans to achieve it. A Chapter Ends The Post-war Years 2018 Web-Braille providing direct access to thousands of electronic braille files. The Library’s appropriation did not at first include funds for machines; they had to be purchased at a cost between thirty-five and sixty dollars, either by the blind person who desired to borrow the recorded books or on his behalf (as was frequently the case) by philanthropic organizations. Under the pilot program, the Pioneers, drawing on their technical and electronics skills, made major repairs of machines and trained agency personnel to make minor repairs. NLS releases bar-code labeling of new C-1 cassette machines and their cartons for equipment inventory control. Use of these slow recording speeds made it possible to include almost twice as much material as on a disc of corresponding size recorded at 16-2/3 rpm. 1960 An Internet mailing list for exchange of ideas among researchers and developers of digital talking books is implemented.

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