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April 5, 2017

Yara's performance was high energy, but the judges questioned whether her "crazy Latina" persona would carry her through to the title, and she was also put up for elimination. Sam never knew to ask these questions. The Mandalorian season 2 won’t drop until later this month, but fans can quench their thirst for more footage with an all new exciting look at the new season! While none of the dots quite connect to Bash being in love with his former friend/butler, it does introduce questions about his sexuality, and his ability to emotionally connect to anyone or anything that scares him. After this, RuPaul reveals the maxi challenge: Participate in a hair-themed fashion show with three distinct looks: 1) A classic look from another era RuPaul announces that for the maxi challenge, the queens have to develop a stand-up comedy routine to perform in front of a live audience. [2] The series was hosted by Stacey Dooley,[3] and was judged by industry professionals Dominic Skinner and Val Garland. In December 2018 Manila Luzon returned to compete on All Stars 4, she placed 6th overall. Episode 4 - Caerphilly The Family Gorgeous visit the town of Caerphilly in search of locals to transform into drag queens. After some deliberation, Yara is safe and Raja is declared the winner of the challenge. Delta was declared safe and Phoenix sashayed away. Manila and Carmen are also safe, and Raja is declared the winner of the week. Michelle however highly praised Manila. During rehearsals, each of the girls also has a 'lunch' of tic-tacs with RuPaul and reflects on what got them to the finale. Carmen's performance lands her in the bottom two again, while Manila and Alexis, who took some heat for her outfit, are declared safe. Stacy thought Carmen's look was not couture and she should be the one to go, while Raja wanted both Shangela and Stacy to go. Cherry is wallowing in her loss of Keith with loud music and indifference. In the previous episode of Netflix’s GLOW, the GLOW ladies took a showgirl dance class.In GLOW Season 3 Episode 4, the ladies were obsessed with a drag queen… India and Mimi land at the bottom; India for her boring work-out segment and over-done look on the runway, and Mimi for putting in too much slapstick comedy, causing it to come off sloppy. Yara Sofia During preparations to maxi-challenge Manila admitted that one of her fav reporters are Mario Lopez and Ryan Seacrest. Alexis and Yara fall into the bottom two, having to lip-sync to Patti LaBelle's "I Think About You.". In the script, the father is the hero, in part because he is a caricature of Sam. Mimi is criticized for her outfit's execution, but praised for the concept and is declared safe. There does not appear to be a push or pull between them about anything. Manila's money-themed dress was a hit on the runway, though video failed to meet some of the judges' expectations. The judges felt Raja's video performance was lackluster, but pronounced her safe as well. Manila's audition tape includes an endorsement from her boyfriend, season 2's Sahara Davenport. For the runway portion, the girls were asked to wear their favorite drag look. Alexis makes her case for her imperfections but her desire to continue. Alexis Mateo gets to choose which queen gets which jock for winning the mini-challenge. Mariah missed many of the lyrics causing her to sashay away, leaving Delta to remain in the competition. Yara's "Evening Gown Eleganza" look is critiqued for having a bit too much, and her cocktail dress presentation lacked punch. At the beginning of the episode, the contestants are asked to do a tasteful nude photo shoot with photographer Deborah Anderson. Shangela also removes her hairpiece and during the battle they are close to being half naked. ← Previous So, instead, he leans back into the flash and glamour of the people who distract rather than captivate him. Manila breaks down backstage, having been so close to the prize and having it snatched from her. On the losing team, Manila and Raja both receive positive critiques and are declared safe, along with India. Bobby Barnes may know the women of GLOW — and especially Bash — better than they know themselves. One team member must "use ESP" to guess the other person's fashion accessories; what color boa, what kind of jewelry, what color cat, etc. As with the previous season, each week's episode was followed by a behind-the-scenes show, RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked. The first series of Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star began on 6 March 2019 on BBC Three, and concluded on 24 April 2019. None of the queens in the top 9 were caucasian. For the maxi challenge this week, the girls split into two teams to shoot a trailer for the Drag Queens in Outer Space movie saga; the original film, From Earth to Uranus (Team Phoenix) and the sequel Return to Uranus (Team Mariah). Yara Sofia and her sister are praised for their runway look despite not having as dynamic performance as the other queens. Is transcendence the only way to save humanity on ‘The 100’? Speaking of his role in Glow, Cahoon told Broadway World: “It’s 1986. When it comes down to 2 queens (Manila and Raja) and one chair, Manila is the last queen standing, winning her second mini challenge in a row. One man and a murder of women. In their runway presentation, the contestants are told to dress in their most patriotic drag. After the judges' deliberation, Yara and Delta are safe, while Stacy is up for elimination. Yara's character was a sassy midget from Spain, while Delta's routine portrayed herself as a self-deprecating fat girl. RuPaul commented that Mariah was not fully delivering on challenges and was "resting in pretty". Season 3 has the most mini challenges, with 12. Initially, Stacy Layne Matthews intended to impersonate Anna Nicole Smith but after receiving criticism from RuPaul, she chose to do Mo'Nique instead. Detox can also be seen in the lineup for the casting call in Hollywood. After then 10 minutes the judges will choose who will get eliminated and who will stay in the competition. Which leaves us with two women who find a way to ask each other the simplest and most important question–What is going on with you? Manila's hilariously dramatic interpretation of the song ultimately meant Manila won the lip-sync and Delta left the competition. After the runway presentation, Delta, Raja, Manila, Carmen, and Shangela are declared safe. Delta won the challenge but gave the prize to Shangela who wanted to speak to her grandmother. Bobby Barnes (played by Kevin Cahoon) is a drag queen who the GLOW women meet in season three, episode three, who we see perform as Carol Channing and Barbra Streisand. During the session with Rita, most of the contestants receive valuable advice from Rita on how to improve their stand-up routine, with the exception of Carmen, who had a hard time finding a basis for her routine and didn't receive any tips. He feels terrified and ashamed and scared and panicky, and I think that’s what leads him to jump into this last-minute marriage to Rhonda.”. His first impression is not a man singing Judy, Liza, or Babs on stage, but the performer who works several shows a night and can sense something in Bash that, although it may be completely misguided, could be read as a connection between the two. Raja is very controversially crowned and walks the runway as America's Next Drag Superstar as Ru, Michelle and Santino cheer her on. In the workroom, the contestants complained that Yara's rowdy behavior was distracting, but they all agreed that she would do well in the challenge because hair is her specialty as a drag performer. Ru makes her decision, declaring Raja the winner. (filling in for regular judge Santino Rice, who was notably absent for a second consecutive week.). The series was won by Ellis Atlantis, with Nikki Patel as runner-up and Leigh Easthope in third place.[5]. Matenopoulos congratulated Shangela, stating she could easily get a job as an entertainment reporter. “You wanted him to ask you.” That statement sums up why Ruth has been bugging me this season.

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