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April 5, 2017

Was he in the case of Downton at some point? Vi, who is at the surgery, right next to the relaxation class, where Petra's cheating future husband is with his other partner. Two pregnant women discover they have something surprising in common. Two pregnant women discover they have something surprising in common. It’s wrong! ), when Sister Julienne finds her and intervenes. He’s awful. Yeah, she just doesn’t want one; didn’t need it before, and her ladies are perky now, so why bother. It seems like these two will be able to figure their whole situation out just fine. None of this is working for me: Eddie is a piece of shit. Back at the maternity home, Phyllis gets Bonnie all set up. She says she loves Eddie, but she’s not going to fight Bonnie for him. Well, he's On Call, i.e,. Then there’s Bonnie, who’s a really sweet proto-hippie. Shelagh doesn’t say anything, she just wraps her up in a big hug. Cyril: Thanks for letting me see who you are. Sister Julienne: We’ll help you clean. He assumes Bonnie will prefer a new beginning, but she likes his mom's name (Daisy). Phyllis fixes Trixie's collar, and then Sister Frances says in a rather carrying voice, “is anyone else super freaked out?” This is one of those times where I relish my exposure to the dialect of the American South, because bless her heart, ya know? We save lives. When the council sends a letter announcing plans to cut Nonnatus House’s funding, Sister Julienne takes matters into her own hands. I think we all know how this is gonna go. Unfortunately, that wasn't a verbal typo: she started bleeding and thinks she might be having a miscarriage. Shall we move on to our mums of the week? At Petra's, Lucille asks her how much bleeding she saw: it wasn’t that much, and it’s already stopped. We keep records; babies aren’t statistics to us. Series 9: Episode 8. Dr. Turner: Well, they’re not happy. And obviously they’re worried about you, because we all care about you. Aww, that’s kind of a nice circle round to his call to ministry. Over at Vi’s shop, a man loiters outside while a nice lady takes her daughter shopping for wedding dress fabric. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Call the Midwife Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Fireworks, Call the Midwife Season 9 Episode 7 Recap: Ideal Parents. Use the HTML below. This content is imported from Twitter. The landlord who lets him in confirms that the guy was an alcoholic, but Baby Doctor still has to examine him. It means a great deal to a lot of people, which is why many of them have fought so hard for the basic right to even be married at all. Lucille has a pertinent medical question, so unfortunately we don’t get to hear any more about her pilfered treasures: is Petra 100% sure about when she had her last period? He hands Bonnie some flowers, and Petra loses her GD mind, grabs the vase of dead flowers next to her bed, and chucks it at him. She’s super soothing. #callthemidwife, Tonight’s @CallTheMidwife1 was simply moving, Trixies speech and Val and her grandmother truly wonderful acting @JenniferKirby08 @helen_george @StephenMcGann, Best programme on #bbc1 is #CallTheMidwife and a fantastic performance tonight by @helen_george long may it continue. This show has everything: hard-working nurses, sassy nuns, and gut-wrenching emotional trauma that somehow keeps you wanting more. She’s pretty much about to pop. ), 'Call The Midwife' Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: My Third Favorite Beatle. At Nonnatus, Val snuggles up with her sweater, which smells like Gran. They show them some of the letters and the board agrees to reinstate their funding and not increase the rent for a year. She’s doing a TON of reading, and she’s here because the folks at St. Cuthberts won't tell her anything or answer questions, because they're just too busy! We're thrilled to be bringing you coverage of perennial PBS favorite, Call The Midwife. Out in Poplar, Baby Doctor has been called to a death scene. Outside, Phyllis stands with Bonnie, who’s worried about Two Timing Dad. Petra tells her that she grew up watching women fight in the street over men. The ones we do are open to everyone. At clinic, Sister Julienne drops the bad news on everybody else. Also, I KNOW you drama fans spent that entire interaction trying to figure out where you knew that guy from. At the surgery, Miss Higgins rather neatly backs Baby Doctor into a corner (where's Swayze when you need him?). Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) sits at the dinner table with other midwives in a scene from Episode 8. Petra and her mum are so excited about her wedding dress material, they swing by Violet’s shop to pick it up, even though the shop is closed and she’s at the community centre. I love you! She’s mad because the floor is filthy and is planning to come out and clean it. He’s shooting up so much his left arm looks like it has smallpox, and multiple people are starting to notice a sudden shortage of pethidine. In the other room, serious business is going down, as Vi talks over the budget with Sister Julienne and Phyllis. Sister Hilda assumes it’ll be Sister Julienne, but she says no: it won’t be a nun. Tom Bateman stars as John Beecham in the new drama coming to MASTERPIECE. Sister Julienne heads over to tell the Turners, since she can’t really head straight to the bar, being a nun and all. Lucille tells Gran it's ok for her to go, and Cyril and Lucille sing "Amazing Grace" to her as she passes. He finally passes out in the surgery, and Turner finds his messed-up arm and realises what’s been happening. Bonnie: Yeah, well, I have a boyfriend but we haven’t gotten around to that legal stuff yet. Dr. Turner: Oh yikes, you didn’t know? Glad that random storyline got the attention and subtlety it deserved. Look, good for her; I'm frankly just surprised Monica Joan isn't there too.

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