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April 5, 2017

Preceded by: “She’s in StarClan, isn’t she?” the tom’s bold question surprised Blackfoot, but he remembered the conditions TigerClan lived in, stinking and dirty, with hardly any prey, death was all too common, and Darkflower couldn’t hide it from their kits. “No,” Boulder licked his chops as he finished the mouse, “I think you need to talk to Runningnose. "I'm fine," he growled, relaxing his muscles again. I recommend if you haven't read these before I suggest you do so first. They were there. “My son.” Blackfoot stared at his dark grey-and-white mother. “Go on,” she growled, “I dare you.” Blackstar was glad to see that the Clan has organised themselves while he was fighting Jaggedtooth. Bounty Hunter. Applefur, Wetfoot and Tangleburr escort Jaggedtooth to his new den. Not in StarClan where we can’t see her! “Darkkit! He felt it all die away, and Nightstar stepped away. Blackstar could not mistake the black paws and muscular frame. She fights back fiercely as Blackstar crossed the clearing, Darkkit jumped out of the nursery and hissed with all his breath. “I’ll take care of them,” she promised, “you better take care of the Clan.” Blackfoot dipped his head, and gave each of his kit a lick before exiting the den. “You’re coming to camp,” he growled. Blackstar didn’t need to think, bursting through the thorn tunnel to see Jaggedtooth leaving an injured Oakfur and lunging at Tallpoppy. Whatever the reason, ShadowClan was going strong and the whispers of Blackstar and ShadowClan has stopped. Runningnose didn’t say anything, but gave a nervous nod. He closed his glinting eyes and twitched his ears and nose, relying on his hearing and scenting to track the mystery cat. You and Flintfang would be at every corner of the camp at once, poor Fernshade struggled to keep up!”. Leaves of yellow, brown and orange littered the ground and twirled in the breeze. (2018– ). Blackstar!” Blackstar felt a warm glow as the Clan chanted, even the kits were cheering as loud as their meows would go, but Deerfoot and Applefur stayed silent, obviously still not completely happy with the new leader. Blackstar glanced around; Oakfur was tussling with Jaggedtooth, trying to push him back away from the leader. Too many cats have broken his trust, he just has careful on who he can trust is all. Every step was hardened with pain as Tangleburr lead Blackfoot to the centre of camp, where Clanmates are laying down fallen cats. ShadowClan has always been the greatest of Clans,” Hollyflower’s eyes shine as she spoke, “be proud of your Clan, and lead them to be a great Clan as ShadowClan has always been.” Blackfoot felt his whole body freeze. We have our own place, and you are very welcome to join us.”. “Nightstar!” gasped Blackstar, “what’s going on?” Blackstar looked around, he was at the border where Jaggedtooth attacked him. Grid View List View. Blackstar glanced down at his kits, who are reciting the ceremony. — Blackstar ShadowClan is a group of cats that live in the marshlands of the forest. This is the elements of leadership Blackfoot wants to achieve. “We shall take Jaggedtooth prisoner,” announced Blackstar, remembering ThunderClan taking Yellowfang and Brokenstar prisoner, “he’ll retire as an elder, until I can decide a proper punishment for him.” Murmurs of uncertainty spread through the clearing. Just about anything really. Fernshade, Flintfang, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to save you. Now,” Blackstar nodded to the remaining Dark Forest cats, “shall we get rid of these other fox-hearts?”, “Lionblaze?” Graystripe called, “Half Moon says we should go home. He attacked two innocent kits and wounded one of them,” Blackstar sheathed and unsheathed his claws, “Jaggedtooth, have you anything to say in your defence?” Jaggedtooth only stares at Blackstar but said nothing, not even a twitch of his whiskers. The kits will like this, thought Blackstar, especially Flowerkit and Darkkit. “Oh Blackstar!” meowed Russetfur as the leader approached, “thank you for this honour!” He eyes sparkled with pride, and a bit of nervousness too. Although Blackstar notices every Clan has a new deputy. “No, his real mother,” murmured Raggedstar. “I only have one left now,” murmured Blackstar as he gazed at his kits. Blackfoot stopped at the body of his sister and brother, and let himself crouched down and pressed his nose into their soft fur. Where am I? I have been putting off talking to Runningnose, noted Blackstar, Boulder probably has a point. Now it’s my turn. Blackstar Warrior He stood up, raising his head to the waking trees. In the future (as seen from 1982), space detective Tyson Roderick and his robot sidekick Alphie struggle to find Tyson's long-lost mother, which saving a beautiful space pirate from the evil clutches of a psychotic cult leader and his army of slave women. he thought, looking around at the muddy, grassless ground, is this StarClan? He got sadly to his paws and stared at the entrance. Runningnose gave a sniff, before Blackfoot felt his warmth breath as he turns to him. Blood pooling onto the ground, Blackstar could not tell if it was Deerfoot’s, Jaggedtooth’s, or his own. “I promise to lead my Clan with every last breath,” called Blackstar, “to lead my Clan to the great Clan it once was, following the code as it has been given to us, and to always remember my warrior ancestors, who’ll be there with every pawstep.” Blackstar watched as the world grew dark, and he felt himself start to awake. Her game is spoilt though, as Mosskit thought it was more fun to grab the leaf and pretend its prey. Blackstar collected the frog and mouse and led the way to camp, keeping both ears focused on Jaggedtooth. “I’ll tell them that they’ll have an apprentice to worry about soon,” purred Russetfur, but her face grew serious, “what about Jaggedtooth? The leader did the familiar leap onto the Clanrock and summoned his Clan. The Clan gathered around her to congratulate her, even Deerfoot seems content. Blackstar is a muscular, powerful, large white tom with huge jet-black paws, darker ears, a long tail, a scarred pelt, and six toes on one of his feet.[2]. If you’re strong enough to hunt, go to Boulder.” He leapt off the boulder as warriors either gathered around Boulder or gathered around Runningnose or Littlecloud to be treated. They warned Tigerstar with each life, proving they always mean well. Blackstar narrowed his eyes, maybe the disasters they faced affected them more than he first thought. I call upon StarClan to give you many moons of rest.”. Certain the kits and elders are safe, Blackstar dropped his prey and leapt onto the Clanrock and waited as Tangleburr, Applefur and Wetfoot escorted Jaggedtooth forward. She went to fight for our Clan, so that we could return and be ShadowClan again, no longer joined with RiverClan, but as our own Clan.” Blackfoot shuffles his paws nervously as both kits stare at him. Blackfoot remembered Darkflower insisting that she has to fight against BloodClan, and telling him Tallpoppy will take care of their kits. It reminded Blackfoot of when Raggedstar was leader, proud and honourable of his Clan. “I do,” all three apprentices calmly meowed in turn, only their green eyes showing their excitement. Blackstar Warrior “Runningnose! Blackstar felt this was too open, but only bowed his head in thanks. Blackstar is a muscular, powerful, large white tom with huge jet-black paws, darker ears, a long tail, a scarred pelt, and six toes on one of his feet. “And Darkkit has his mother’s ambition,” agreed Blackstar, “but they are too bored and fidgety. “Take my Clan home,” responded Blackfoot to the ThunderClan leader, “and prepare for a journey to the Highstones.” Blackfoot proudly lifted his head slightly higher as he looked down at flame-coloured cat, “I’m their leader now. “Darkflame!” Flowertail almost knocked over Blackstar as she raced to her brother’s side, “are you alright? As Blackstar trots towards the camp, he heard a sudden yowl. “Nothing to be concerned about,” replied Blackstar. They glance at Blackstar, waiting for the final ceremony. His tripping over his paws, and his sniff is getting worse. “StarClan told us they could not give Nightstar his nine lives,” he reminded Blackfoot, “they gave Tigerstar nine lives, each with a warning. Instinctly knowing what to do, Blackfoot lowered his head, and Nightstar touched his head, reaching up with his nose. Littlecloud headed for the nursery to warn the queens while Blackstar jumped off the Clanrock. Pushing it to the back of his mind, Blackstar spotted Redwillow with a Dark Forest cat that has a shredded tail. The last rays of the sun faded as night took hold. Happy with his catch, Blackstar takes his prey over to the pine tree with low, extending branches and buried it among the roots. If you're looking for a full list, find one here! Littlecloud will care for the Clan now, and Runningnose knows that his Clan is safe. “What are they?” The she-kit stopped bounding and looked up, her eyes full of excitement. Suddenly a blur of brown jumped in front of Jaggedtooth, and there was a spluttering sound. “Where’s Darkflower Blackfoot?” she asked eagerly, “she told me she was going to battle, but now that everyone is back, I don’t see her anywhere.” She peered around Blackfoot’s legs to try to see her mother, but Blackfoot quickly blocked her view, afraid that she will see her mother’s body. We were weak, and Tigerstar took advantage of that, he brought BloodClan to the forest!” he glared around, staring at the cats that were rogues alongside the former ShadowClan leader, “you should be driven out!” Stumpytail, Tangleburr and Nightwhisper ducked their heads in shame, a few of the last surviving cats that were once rogues with Tigerstar. With the thought of is grieving kits back at camp, Blackfoot steps wearily onto the rocks of the Highstones. Blackfoot glanced at Tallpoppy again for support, but she only stares at him. Blackfoot felt her body shift slightly as Russetfur walked up beside the tom. “Only after,” murmured Blackstar. He says I am kind and dedicated!” Tallpoppy gave a happy glance to Blackstar. Blackpaw[8] I’m sure you are very familiar with handling moss.” Boulder lead the retired medicine cat away. “That’s up to you,” Blackfoot watched, his eyes swelling with water as Darkflower walked away, disappearing among the many StarClan cats. “Yes, we did.” Firestar’s green eyes blazed with questioning at Blackfoot, “what will you do now, Blackfoot?” Blackfoot narrowed his eyes at the scene around him; injured bodies lay on the ground, some with the taint of death. “ThunderClan also remembers our fallen,” he started sadly, “Whitestorm, Brindleface, Smallear and Swiftpaw. “You’ve only ever been friendly to the ones closest to you,” continued Boulder, “Fernshade, Flintfang, Hollyflower, Darkflower,” Boulder’s eyes flickered as he remembers the deceased cats, “Runningnose, Russetfur, your kits. “It’s been three days!” continued Darkkit, “can she come back?”. Leader!” he burst out, “You’ve worked so hard for that position! “Blackstar! But,” Blackfoot looked at his paws guiltily, “I killed you.”. “who else could it be?” snorted Yellowfang, “I haven’t seen another gray medicine cat with a flat face. “She will always be with you,” the final giver of lives approached Blackfoot, “and your kits.” Blackfoot blinked in surprise, he never thought this cat would give him his final life. “What do you mean?” squeaked the she-kit, her eyes widened as her brother jumped out of the nest, his amber eyes wide as he stared at his father. He felt frustration as he stared at his Clanmates, but sympathy at the same time. Runningnose and Tangleburr limped from the elders’ den and gathered around their brother’s body, wailing in their grief.

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