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April 5, 2017

Alternate Titles: べるぜバブ, Beelzebub, [] Genre: Action, Comedy, Demons, Shounen, Sub, Supernatural Type: TV(Winter 2011) Status: Finished Airing Number of Episodes: 60 Episode(s) Views: 1940 Views Date: Jan 9, 2011 to Mar 25, 2012 [MyAnimeList] Score: 7.97 Summary: Sypnosis : Ishiyama High is a school populated entirely by delinquents, where nonstop violence and lawlessness are the norm. He spends his time mostly playing karaoke or videogames, and has twice decided to destroy mankind out of pure whim: however, his schedule full of ceremonies and engagements prevents him from going on his own, and thus he whimsically decides to send his children: first Baby Beel, then Lord En. Tatsuya Himekawa; Oga attempts to prevent the seal from growing by avoiding fights with other students, but gives up when Himekawa, the second member of the Touhoushinki, captures Hilda and Furuichi. Hidetora Toujou; Later, Oga then discovers a peculiar symbol etched on the back of his right hand. He nicknamed her "Paa-ko". He is the youngest son of the Devil King. Uses a pistol. Oga suddenly gets back up and defeats Ikari and Miwa with ease. With a total of 17 reported filler episodes, Beelzebub has a moderate filler percentage of 28%. In total 60 episodes of Beelzebub were aired. After Oga becomes Beel's parent he moves in with Furuichi, against the boy's wishes. The story follows the strongest juvenile delinquent, Oga Tatsumi, he is a first year in Ishiyama High, the school for delinquents. After the fight, Beel senses something which turns out to be the last of the Toushinki, Tojo. Beelzebub Sub Indo. He is also the source of outside information regarding other gangs and always seems to be in the knowing of what is going on outside the classroom. She is an expert game player, often playing with her little brother. Although a capable fighter, Himekawa uses underhand tactics to prevail, such as having his opponents break their fists by punching a ceramic tile shield hidden under his shirt, Like Oga, he is a fan of Dragon Quest. Aoi attempts to tear it up, but one of Tojo's henchmen finds it. Tamura published a one-shot pilot chapter of the series in the combined 37th-38th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 11, 2008,[2] subsequently winning the fourth Gold Future Cup. His main characteristic, often alluded to in the course of the series, is being "extremely random" or as Oga and Furuichi call him; "A fruit cake" Aka idiot. At the same time, Oga is confronted by Chiaki and Nene. It is butt naked. Beelzebub is the story about a first year student at a school for juvenile delinquents. Watch and stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Beelzebub online on Anime-Planet. Dear mr.Takamoto i am a die-fan and really,really wish that you make a season 2 of the beezlebub series amd that you make it a continuing series.Hope that you will think about it. Was this review helpful to you? This was followed by a 60-episode anime television series, which aired in Japan between January 2011 and March 2012. This boy is the son of the demon king and he has been chosen as the one to raise it with the baby's maid Hilda. Oga asks her immediately to go out with him, which causes a misunderstanding that stays within Aoi's heart. After a scuffle, Tojo comes out as the victor, and asks Oga to challenge him again sometime. Ikari : Short, snarky, and black-haired. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Oga is first introduced as a strong fighter, beating up some fellow class mates and then making them bow down to him because they had attacked him in his sleep. One day Oga finds a man floating down a river, after which the man splits open to reveal a baby inside – but it’s no ordinary baby! Though she often openly disagrees with and occasionally disobeys Kunieda, she is still her faithful wingman, He is heavily built and is most often seen wearing a tank-top and briefs. Oga becomes riled up when Himekawa kidnaps and manhandles his friend, and Furuichi does not refrain from standing on Oga's side on tight spots. As if the animators lack funds, lots of scenes are done very simplistic and you end up feeling half the excitement of the manga. A former demon lord is trying to get back to his own time period, but takes his minimal-wage job in the modern world too seriously. Oga Tatsumi is a student at Ishiyama High, a school for delinquents. Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV; This FAQ is empty. Handsome and long-haired, he prefers to make light-hearted quips during frays to engaging in them personally. The story follows the strongest juvenile delinquent, Oga Tatsumi, he is a first year in Ishiyama High, the school for delinquents. Yuka Hanazawa; She was unfortunately too late, as Aoi seems to have defeated Oga, and she comes just in time for Miwa and Ikari to take over. Beelzebub (べるぜバブ, Beruzebabu) is a 2011 Japanese anime television series based on Ryūhei Tamura 's manga series of the same name. He is by far the strongest male member of the Tōhōshinki (his strength in comparison to Kunieda is not confirmed, though it can be implied that he is stronger than she indirectly from their other fights). Originally Kunieda Aoi's second-in-command, Nene is far more aggressive than her permissive leader. Later, Naga and Graphel, the other two demons who came to the world in search of Oga, appear before Saotome, but Saotome uses his Spellmaster spell to attack them. [9], An anime adaptation has been produced by Pierrot Plus. He will help fight the monsters if Ushio removes the legendary Beast Spear that trapped him in Ushio's basement for 500 years. But my opinion is because the Anime just aired, and the Manga had allready alot of chapters, he is a strong old man who sports long white hair and a moustache. While visiting the park, Oga then meets a girl named Aoi and her brother, Kouta. You see, before the series they had made a single OVA episode that compacted the plot of all the initial missions, with far better production values. He is referred to as the third Beelzebub in chapter 48, so his full name may be Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub III. although he is shown to have a darker side to him as well: Furuichi is not above returning Oga some of the distress he is involved in because of him, and does not mind having Oga electrocuted as collateral damage in the pool. [4][5] A spin-off series, entitled Beelzebub Another (べるぜバブ 番外編, Beruzebabu Bangai Hen), ran in Shōnen Jump Next!! Once he makes it to Tojo, Beel returns to normal and goes back to Oga. Aoi goes to the beach as well to warn Oga of Tojo's strength. as Beelzebub Another, where it ran from May 2014 to March 2015. The fights and the idiotic delinquents are probably the best part of the show. Lord End "Son of The Demon lord"; Beelzebub was an anime series that ran from 2011 to 2012. Tojo has left after crushing several motorcycle gangs, which inspires Oga to find Tojo. Young Allen Walker, an exorcist, fights Akuma to save the world. A dimensional transfer demon working under Hildagarde, he is first seen floating down the river with an arrow on his chest. Allen Walker, an exorcist fights Akuma to save the world. It's a school full of crazy delinquents which is oddly enjoyable. Oga's family is under the impression that Oga and Hilda had sex and that Beelzebub was the resulting consequence. The story follows the strongest juvenile delinquent, Oga Tatsumi, he is a first year in Ishiyama High, the school for delinquents. for example using baby Beel to electrocute several enemies in a pool, suggesting a different but no less evil commonality with Oga. This tactic proved completely useless on Oga, and he was the first victim of the Zebub Blast. The manga follows Oga's life as he tries to raise the child while enrolled at Ishiyama High. I got some good laughs out of it. I guess the quality of the stupidity is good if you like this sort of humor but a fatal flaw is again ruining it. He decides to try to pass the baby on to the Tōhōshinki,[a] Ishiyama High's strongest four students. Ishiyama High is home to a whole host of delinquents, including Oga, a legendary badass who's downright devilish. The story follows Tatsumi Oga. The story starts as he is telling the story of how he found the baby to his best (and only) friend Furuichi Takayuki. His roster is nothing but a long line of pitiful titles (with the exception of Record of Lodoss War, which is rather watchable just for the kitch factor). He is also lazy and a crybaby, and is not as interested in destroying mankind as he is in clearing videogames. as not even Kanzaki or Himekawa were capable of such a feat. He was picked to become Beelzebub's father because, in the eyes of Alaindelon , who was carrying the baby, he appeared to possess the qualities of the ideal parent for the future Devil King: strong, arrogant, and thinking nothing of fellow man. When Takayuki drags Tatsumi to meet her, Aoi is shocked to find Tatsumi is the one she met at the ... A stray cat becomes attached to Tatsumi, causing Baby Beel to become extremely jealous and shock anyone he shows affection towards. Takayuki Furuichi; The fight is postponed, and Hilda soon arrives to give Beel his milk. She is very loyal to Kunieda even after she leaves the gang, and is ready to shoot anyone other than Oga who makes advances on her. He is a very stern man with a hair-trigger temper, and adopts an attitude of fighting first, asking questions later. There is some unnecessary stuff like things involving the demon world and stuff that never really gets resolved etc and there are too many "filler" episodes in my opinion. is a talkative member of the Red Tails who often makes embarrassing statements. Following his recovery, he groups himself together with Oga and Kanzaki in order to remove Toujou from power, as well as impressive speed that is above Sakaki Mitsuteru's, who is known to be able to wield his sword at 250 km/h (however, she is not fast enough to hit Oga, who manages to evade even her best attacks with minor injuries).

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