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April 5, 2017

From the name of the flower, which is derived via Latin from Greek ἀστήρ ( aster) meaning "star". Aster is a name that comes from the modern, everyday Greek word for "star" which is "asteri." People who like the name Aster also like: Astrid, Ava, Aurora, Amelia, Audrey, Violet, Hazel. English meaning: Aster flower. And the name of the little girl on television's Dexter sounds like Aster, but is actually spelled Astor, which brings it more high society name. Aster is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. The meaning of the name “Aster” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available. Atticus, Oliver, Archer, Aiden, Finn, Liam, Everett. The name Aster is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "star". The name Aster comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘aster’ meaning ‘star. It is pronounced "Ah-stehr." Categories: Celestial Names, Dutch Names, Earthy Names, English Names, Floral Names, Greek Names, Green Names, Nature Names, Unisex Names. The name Aster means Star and is of English origin. This is where we get the words asteroid, asterisk, and other star-related words such as astronaut and astronomy. This is a fresh new addition to the botanical list; comedian Gilbert Gottfried made it a real bouquet when he named his daughter Lily Aster.

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