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April 5, 2017

Blundstones are worth the price. I received a pair of black Blundstones for Christmas, and since I’ve been wearing them almost daily ever since, I thought I could offer my opinion of them and whether they’re worth the price tag. Image from, I have these exact same ones! They fit snug on the foot but don’t squish at all and they required no breaking-in. So I didn’t until I graduated and worked for a few months and then I was tempted. The size basics are these: The Australian whole size Blundstone is an American E width and a full size longer than an American size boot. They’re durable, comfortable, have decent tread, and look good with just about anything. I really enjoy the practicality, comfort and style of these boots and they work well for me. I also really enjoyed the little “eyelet” details around the elasticated ankle bit. Even though Blundstone moved production from Tasmania to Asia 10 years ago, they've managed to maintain quality control.Blundstone … Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I mean, everyone said they were so comfy and useful for our Canadian weather. So the boot that I chose has a higher amount … ( Log Out /  Green? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The Blundstone Thermal is a heater in disguise. I received a pair of black Blundstones for Christmas, and since I’ve been wearing them almost daily ever since, I thought I could offer my opinion of them and whether they’re worth the price tag. Yes, Blundstones are actually worth it for the longevity you get out of them. I do always wear socks with these boots and in the winter when it is really cold, I double up and wear very thick wool socks to increase the warmth of the boot. I friggen love these boots. Name: 1351 Blundstone, Women’s series Rustic Brown . The boot is also 100% waterproof which makes it even more comfortable when walking in the rain or snow! I chose this shoe for a few “style reasons”. I remember when I lived in Hamilton and was surrounded by other art students it seemed like EVERYONE had a pair of blundstones. ( Log Out /  That’s interesting, lol. Its style is basic, which … So long as I don’t massacre these guys, I imagine I’ll be a Blundstone customer for life. I have had several pairs and they last a long time and are comfortable. I wear a 10 E American boot, and the Australian size 9 Blundstones … I really enjoy that because I feel really snug in the shoe and it also means wind and snow doesn’t manage to slip into my boot as I’m walking. So the boot that I chose has a higher amount of ankle coverage (because I wanted to make sure I was going to be warm!) Finally, the pull-on tabs at the top of the ankle opening are super convenient to pull the shoes on. Ask anyone in my family, or my boyfriend, and they will all tell you that I am incredibly hard on footwear. I find that it adds a little feminine touch and makes the shoe feel a bit more special and not so plain and “workwear” utilitarian. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What’s not the most practical is the slip-on and off nature of the shoe. ( Log Out /  Seriously, you can pair them with jeans, slacks, a dress (within reason) or pretty well whatever the hell you want. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I do actually think they are worth the money, especially if you struggle to find winter boots that fit your style and are comfortable and practical in your everyday life. I think because of the cost, getting my cost-per-wear down is really important and if I didn’t live in Ontario, I probably wouldn’t wear them as often (since they aren’t the most gorgeous and most “my style” boot ever). Are blundstones really worth the money? Sure, they’re cute but I didn’t think it was worth the price and I didn’t want to blow my minimal student budget on just a pair of boots. Eventually you get the technique down but the first few times, putting on the shoe took a couple of minutes. Change ). otherwise they’re holding up pretty great though. In short, yes, they really are worth the price tag. The sole of the shoe is very supportive and there are no parts of the shoe that rubs my foot the wrong way. Practicality. ( Log Out /  I have no idea why, or how, I manage to destroy shoes within a year of purchasing or receiving them, but I do. And they looked nice on! In short, yes, they really are worth … My boyfriend got me three pairs of boots as Christmas gifts in three years, and after the third pair bit the dust, he vowed to never buy me another pair again. Anyways, after my third pair kicked the can (after having them repaired already), I needed some new boots, and with Christmas approaching at the time, I suggested a pair of Blundstones to my mom and dad as a Christmas gift from them to me (yes, I found the loophole since they haven’t purchased any boots for me, unlike my boyfriend). Cost: $249.95 cad +tax. They have fantastic ankle support, which is an added bonus for me as I had reconstructive ligament surgery on my foot one year ago. All these qualities make the shoe durable and also really practical. Since the ankle opening is so tight it does take a bit of finagling in order to get the shoe on. While I think these tabs do make the shoe appear more casual, I also think they look cute, especially if some wool socks are peeking out from under. Link. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The half size up is literally no longer or wider but is is "roomier" inside than the whole size under it. Years ago the quality was better as they were made in Australia, now made in Asia. It’s a mid cool-tone brown which I find is fairly versatile. I think the price tag is a little steep (they retail anywhere between $200 and $300 dollars), however, all three pairs of the boots I previously destroyed retailed for roughly the same price, and none of them lasted beyond a year. So this past December I purchased a pair, and after several months of wear, I think it’s about time I review them. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Thank you for reading! Much warmer than you would think by looking at the sleek black leather, this boot kept us warm on very chilly days. First off, I liked the colour of the leather. Are blundstones really worth the money? Which is amazing for a leather boot. However, I do feel if you’re not in need of cold-weather boots and don’t live in a cold climate, they’re probably not necessary. I’ve worn these shoes a lot and I do have to say - they are really comfortable. They have anti-slip rubberized soles which is great because I wear these when it’s snowy and icy outside and they are waterproofed which is a must for me. There’s a sort of “speckling” pattern to the leather which means that it ages really well and doesn’t show dirt or scuffs (which I love! Overall, I’m very pleased with these boots. and it fits tight around the ankle. Because I sure do wear my shoes to the ground). Love the boots although I will say over time they’ve turned green lol…. Name: 1351 Blundstone, Women’s series Rustic Brown., Recognizing misleading animal activism (cough, PETA, cough), Follow ontheedgeofeverything on Hopefully they don’t become any greener. But …

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