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April 5, 2017

The constellation of Aquarius is the 10 th largest constellation in the sky. M73 is an asterism of four stars that appear close together in the sky. Aquarius was also associated with the destructive floods that the Babylonians regularly experienced, and thus was negatively connoted. Wei, the rooftop and 12th lunar mansion, was a V-shaped constellation formed by Alpha Aquarii, Theta Pegasi, and Epsilon Pegasi; it shared its name with two other Chinese constellations, in modern-day Scorpius and Aries.[6]. The parent body of the shower is Halley's Comet, a periodic comet. It belongs to a rare class of stars known as yellow supergiants. These are the brightest and easiest-to-find double, triple, and quadruple star systems in the constellation Aquarius. # 3. It orbits every 610 days at a distance of 1.68 AU. Aquarius is also home to several planetary nebulae. His jar is a small triangle of stars with a fourth star in the middle. Naked-eye = 5 (suburbs) Values listed apply primarily to stars. It not water but light that is carried - ambrosa food of gods and/or spirit of regeneration. In tropical astrology, the Sun is considered to be in the sign Aquarius from 20 January to 19 February, and in sidereal astrology, from 15 February to 14 March. Also, many of the stars that make up Aquarius have names that refer to good luck. Aquarius is one of the 13 constellations of the zodiac. The planet was discovered by the radial velocity method in 2010 and has a mass of 2.2 Jupiter masses. It is 2,200 times brighter that the Sun and contains six times its mass. Carolyn Collins Petersen The Story of Aquarius . It is represented as a man pouring water from a bucket into the mouth of the Southern Fish, depicted by the constellation Piscis Austrinus. An alternative version of the tale recounts Ganymede's kidnapping by the goddess of the dawn, Eos, motivated by her affection for young men; Zeus then stole him from Eos and employed him as cup-bearer. It belongs to a rare class of stars known as yellow supergiants. [6], In the first century, Ptolemy's Almagest established the common Western depiction of Aquarius. It is one of the fainter zodiacal constellations, lacking any stars brighter than third magnitude, but does have a dozen stars of fourth magnitude.It is also home to the bright globular cluster M2.. Aquarius is usually depicted pouring water from a jar. Despite both its prominent position on the zodiac and its large size, Aquarius has no particularly bright stars, its four brightest stars being less than magnitude 2. In Babylonian mythology, Aquarius was associated with the god Ea. To search this site, type your search word(s) in the * For southern latitudes, flip the season listed. It covers 0.25 square degrees, making it also the largest planetary nebula as seen from Earth. [7] However, recent research has shown that there are several stars lying within its borders that possess planetary systems. It's brightest star is Sadalsuud at magnitude 2.90. # 2. It is one of the largest globular clusters known to exist. The name in the Hindu zodiac is likewise kumbha "water-pitcher".[2]. Nearby, the emperors' mausoleum Xiuliang stood, demarcated by Kappa Aquarii and three other collinear stars. M72 is another globular cluster located about 53,000 light years from Earth. These include Gliese 876, a red dwarf star … The star itself, barely below the threshold of naked-eye visibility at magnitude 7.6, is a G8IV (yellow subgiant) star located 131 parsecs from Earth. It is also the origin point for the annual Delta Aquarids meteor shower. The 11th lunar mansion shared its name with the constellation Xu ("emptiness"), formed by Beta Aquarii and Alpha Equulei; it represented a bleak place associated with death and funerals. [7] The name Sadachbia comes from the Arabic for "lucky stars of the tents", sa'd al-akhbiya. [35], The Delta Aquariids is a double radiant meteor shower that peaks first on 29 July and second on 6 August. [3][6] Aquarius is also sometimes identified with beautiful Ganymede, a youth in Greek mythology and the son of Trojan king Tros, who was taken to Mount Olympus by Zeus to act as cup-carrier to the gods. Naked-eye = 6* (dark sky) [12] It is around 6.4 times as massive as the Sun and around 56 million years old. Sea and Sky receives commissions for purchases made through links on this site. Aquarius spreads out for over 980 square degrees. ” In this constellation, Aqua-Man, what I call him anyway, is quite thin, just a long line of three stars. [8] Overall, it appears to be of magnitude 3.6 and luminosity of 50 L☉. [7], ξ Aquarii, also called Bunda,[15] is an A7 spectral type star with an apparent magnitude of 4.69 and an absolute magnitude of 2.4. Its name is water bearer in Latin and is introduced in the 2nd century CE by famous Greek astronomer Ptolemy. The discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 system is seen by astronomers as a significant step toward finding life beyond Earth. All content on this site is Copyright © 1998 - 2016 by Sea and Sky. Aquarius also contains a number of deep-sky objects that can only be seen in large telescopes. Aquarius constellation is faint and one of the largest constellations in the southern hemisphere. Space Exploration | Space Games | Space Gallery | Space Links, Visit Us on Facebook | Follow Us on Twitter. The constellation Aquarius was once called The Great One (or GU LA in the Babylonian language). Aquarius is one of the 48 constellations listed by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century. Bear in mind that we will likely discover billions of exoplanets in the years to come. The constellation of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is best viewed in Fall during the month of October. Aquarius is a constellation of the zodiac, situated between Capricornus and Pisces.Its name is Latin for "water-carrier" or "cup-carrier", and its symbol is (Unicode ♒), a representation of water. For example, if a constellation is listed as best viewed in the summer in the month of July, in the southern hemisphere the constellation would be best viewed in the winter in January and would be upside-down. [24], There are several more single-planet systems in Aquarius. It is orbited by four planets, including one terrestrial planet 6.6 times the mass of Earth. The boundary of the Aquarius constellation contains 17 stars that host known exoplanets. Aquarius was linked to the god Ea, a … It is a blue subgiant about 160 light years away. But whether the abundance of water was regarded as a … [13] Sadalsuud is 540 ± 20 light-years from Earth. HD 215152 c is the larger at 0.0097 Jupiter masses (still significantly larger than the Earth, which weighs in at 0.00315 Jupiter masses); its smaller sibling is barely smaller at 0.0087 Jupiter masses. Aquarius is one of the oldest of the recognized constellations along the zodiac (the Sun's apparent path). As of 2002[update], the Sun appears in the constellation Aquarius from 16 February to 11 March. The constellation of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is best viewed in Fall during the month of October. [8], θ Aquarii, sometimes called Ancha,[5] is a G8 spectral type star with an apparent magnitude of 4.16 and an absolute magnitude of 1.4. Aquarius is identified as GU.LA "The Great One" in the Babylonian star catalogues and represents the god Ea himself, who is commonly depicted holding an overflowing vase. They sailed for nine days before washing ashore on Mount Parnassus. Its lone planet was discovered in 2010 by the radial velocity method, like several other exoplanets in the constellation. It is 53 million years old. It can be seen at latitudes between 65 degrees and -90 degrees. [14] Alpha Aquarii, also known as Sadalmelik, has an apparent magnitude of 2.94. It was given its moniker by the 19th century astronomer Lord Rosse for its resemblance to the planet Saturn in a telescope; it has faint protrusions on either side that resemble Saturn's rings. Aquarius contains several stars brighter than magnitude 4. [26], As of 2013, there were only two known multiple-planet systems within the bounds of Aquarius: the Gliese 876 and HD 215152 systems. Aquarius in history and star lore.This ancient constellation has been associated with water throughout the Old World. However, because it is so large, it is only viewable as a very faint object,[8] though it has a fairly high integrated magnitude of 6.0. The error in the mass measurements (0.0032 and 0.0049 MJ respectively) is large enough to make this discrepancy statistically insignificant. The name "Yu-lin" means "feathers and forests", referring to the numerous light-footed soldiers from the northern reaches of the empire represented by these faint stars. Binoculars = 10 This is most likely due to the time of year when the Sun would rise in Aquarius. In Greek mythology, Aquarius was Ganymede, a Trojan youth who was carried off to Olympus by Zeus to serve as the cupbearer to the gods. [10], γ Aquarii, also called Sadachbia,[15] is a white main sequence star of spectral type star of spectral type A0V that is between 158 and 315 million years old and is around two and a half times the Sun's mass,[16] and double its radius. Also in Aquarius is Loui-pi-tchin, the ramparts that stretch from 29 and 27 Piscium and 33 and 30 Aquarii through Phi, Lambda, Sigma, and Iota Aquarii to Delta, Gamma, Kappa, and Epsilon Capricorni. [6] 88, 89, and 98 Aquarii represent Fou-youe, the axes used as weapons and for hostage executions. Its name is Latin for "water-carrier" or "cup-carrier", and its symbol is (Unicode ♒), a representation of water. The star is 307 parsecs from Earth and has a mass of 0.888 solar masses and a radius of 0.87 solar radii. Content from this Website may not be used in any form without written permission from the site owner. Aquarius constellation map © Torsten Bronger CC BY-SA 3.0, The constellation Aquarius showing common points of interest below © Sea and Sky, Amateur astrophoto of globular star cluster M2. The first radiant is located in the south of the constellation, while the second radiant is located in the northern circlet of Pisces asterism. Aquarius is the Latin word for such a water seller. 4" (100mm) telescope = 12.5 [3] In Ancient Egypt astronomy, Aquarius was associated with the annual flood of the Nile; the banks were said to flood when Aquarius put his jar into the river, beginning spring. Because of its position away from the galactic plane, the majority of deep-sky objects in Aquarius are galaxies, globular clusters, and planetary nebulae. It shares an area of sky with other water constellations such as Cetus, the sea monster, Pisces, the fish, and Eridanus, the river. However, Aquarius is best seen in the spring in the Southern Hemisphere and the fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The Water Jar asterism was seen to the ancient Chinese as the tomb, Fenmu. Q. The constellation contains only stars not brighter than magnitude 3.0 and it lies on the ecliptic so could be easily seen from both hemispheres. This ancient constellation has its roots in a number of cultures. The star it orbits resembles the Sun beyond their similar spectral class; it has a radius of 1.1 solar radii and a mass of 1.09 solar masses. Aquarius contains three Messier objects. box below and click the search button: Home Page | Explore the The Sea | Explore the The Sky, Space News | Astronomy Resources | Astronomy Events Calendar [6], δ Aquarii, also known as Skat[15][8] or Scheat[7] is a blue-white A2 spectral type star of magnitude 3.27 and luminosity of 105 L☉. What is Aquarius also know as? At magnitude 3.25, Skat is the third brightest star. These include the famous Helix Nebula, the Saturn Nebula, the Aquarius Dwarf, and the Atoms for Peace Galaxy.

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