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April 5, 2017

However, even as the Soviet Union collapsed, it launched the first of five Project 971U Improved Akula I boats. deflector shields The submarine is rated for a diving depth to 600m. [citation needed] The Russians call all of the submarines Schuka-B, regardless of modifications.[7]. Originally, the submarines were designated by hull numbers only. The 1999–2000 edition of Jane's Fighting Ships incorrectly listed the first Akula-II as Viper (the actual name is "Vepr", "wild boar" in Russian), commissioned November 25, 1995, Gepard (Cheetah), launched 1999 and commissioned December 5, 2001, and Nerpa, laid down in 1993[1] began sea trials in October, 2008 and was commissioned by the Indian Navy as INS Chakra II in April 2012. The Russian Navy has 14 Bars Class project 971 submarines known in the West as the Akula Class nuclear-powered submarines (SSN). 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In October 2016, Moscow and New Delhi agreed on the leasing of a second Akula-class submarine, although it’s unclear whether it will be the older Akula I Kashalot or never-completed Akula II Iribis—though the steep $2 billion price tag leads some to believe it may be the latter. They could however be modified to carry cruise missiles or to lay mines, or could be used in special operations. American submariners could no longer take their acoustic superiority for granted. List of Soviet and Russian submarine classes, "Russian Navy Abandons Akula Modernization Project", "Russia, USA Liquidated Entire Class of Ballistic Missiles", "941 TYPHOON – Russian and Soviet Nuclear Forces", "The Massive Soviet Sub That Inspired 'Hunt For Red October, "World Naval Developments: The Typhoon Saga Ends | U.S. Also, it has an enlarged sail and a different towed-array dispenser on the vertical fin. K-335 Gepard is the only completed Akula III (see table for others)[citation needed](There is no AKULA III NATO classification). The Akula Class submarine was deployed for the first time in 1986 by the Soviet Navy. The distinctive "bulb" or "can" seen on top of the Akula's rudder houses its towed sonar array, when retracted. It is being republished due to reader interest. Today the Russian Navy maintains ten to eleven Akulas, according to Jane’s accounting in 2016, but only three or four are in operational condition, while the rest await repairs. These changes were in part designed to reduce the cost to build and maintain the submarines. Only the first of these submarines to be constructed, Dmitriy Donskoy, is still in active service with the Russian Navy, serving as a test platform for the Bulava (SS-NX-32) missile. Sébastien Roblin holds a master’s degree in conflict resolution from Georgetown University and served as a university instructor for the Peace Corps in China. Galaxy (Andromeda (25th century) • Celestial • Envoy • Galaxy X • Monarch cruiser • Venture cruiser • Yamato dreadnought) • These ships – after the considerable engineering required to develop technologies to transfer oil from drilling platforms to the submarines, and later, to the waiting tankers – would then deliver their cargo world-wide.[11]. 25 October 2006: Test launch of the Bulava-M missile in the, 28 August 2008: Underwent successful testing at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast. The Soviet advances in sound quieting were of considerable concern to the West, for acoustics was long considered the most significant advantage in U.S. submarine technology compared to the Soviets. Three years later, there was an unconfirmed claim (this time denied by the U.S. Navy) that another Akula had spent a month prowling in the Gulf of Mexico without being caught. All the R-39 missiles have been retired. Probably the best-known fictional Typhoon-class submarine was the stealth equipped Red October, the subject of the Tom Clancy novel The Hunt for Red October and its 1990 movie adaptation, starring Sean Connery as the fictional Captain Marko Ramius. 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