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April 5, 2017

Meg wakes up slowly and can only feel coldness around her.

Calvin comes from a very large family where he feels overlooked and not well taken care of.

During her childhood, L’Engle’s family moved around the world frequently before her father’s death in 1935. Chainani, Soman ed. Calvin is brought along on the Murray children’s adventure almost accidentally although he is never thought to be out of place by anyone but himself.

Mrs. Whatsit tells them that their father’s life is in danger and they must go to him but first, they have to learn what they are up against.

Abruptly, Charles Wallace asks Mrs. Whatsit why she took the sheets (the crime the tramp had been charged with) and she tells it was because she “needed them” and that she’s “used them” so they can’t be returned. They are then taken to see Meg's father who has been imprisoned by IT. But Meg is too scared to go and too overwhelmed by the responsibility. The man stares into Charles Wallace’s eyes until the child’s pupils disappear. Meg runs to her father but finds that she cannot reach him.

Mrs. Whatsit apologizes for not saying goodbye and tells them that they have a new mission.

The children are moved by this sacrifice, and Charles Wallace kisses her as a token of gratitude. Meg does not understand this explanation but pretends to anyway.

Charles Wallace and Mrs. Whatsit are also characters that will further develop as the novel evolves, but for now L’Engle uses these characters to contrast the ability to flourish in one’s own environment against the constricting nature of conformity.

She snaps at him, defensively.

Meg Murry is a thirteen-year-old, plain-looking girl who can't seem to get along at school, despite unusual intelligence and a wonderful family. L’Engle will often contrast bright and warmth with cold and dark, implying that the Murrys' environment represents goodness and positive energy while the outside world suggests danger, evil, and hostility. Mrs. Who and Mrs. Whatsit also appear as well as their other friend, Mrs. As the wind shakes the house, Fortinbras stands up and starts growling at the door to Mrs. Murry’s laboratory. This is because every individual is controlled by IT, an enormous brain which thinks for everyone on the planet, destroying individuality.

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The wall has not disappeared, only become transparent. “A Wrinkle in Time” is a science-fiction children’s novel written by Madeleine L’Engle and published in 1963.

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