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April 5, 2017

Below, I quantify the high acquisition hopes that are priced into the stock. San Francisco, CA 94158, Cloud: Photo & Video Backup! Figure 4: Dropbox & Competitors’ Cloud-Based Storage Plans, Most of Dropbox’s Peers Are More Profitable Too. 44 million paying users also translates to 2.5% of the global cloud storage market share. Despite years of rapid revenue growth and reaching profitability, the future for this cloud-based storage provider is murky at best. And with advanced sharing features, it’s easy to share docs and send files—large or small—to family, friends, and co-workers. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. True FCF. Growing registered and paying users is a serious uphill battle for Dropbox since most of its potential paying users are already customers of firms that provide the same service as Dropbox along with many other important services. Access and share your photos, docs, and more from anywhere for free. Top Leading Companies of Global Private Cloud Storage Market are Amazon Cloud Drive, Ubuntu One, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft SkyDrive, MediaFire, SpiderOak, Mega and others. Additionally, Dropbox has not been nearly as efficient at converting free users to paid users. For those who don’t need a lot of storage, Dropbox Basic is a free plan with 2 GB of storage. MEGA is Cloud Storage with Powerful Always-On Privacy. I think potential acquirers would be better off leaving cloud storage to the firms that can offer cloud storage as a free add-on to their deeply integrated services, but stranger things have happened than firms being acquired at unnecessarily high premiums to their intrinsic value. To justify its current price of $19/share, Dropbox must: See the math behind this reverse DCF scenario. While core earnings[1] fell from -$58 million in 2018 to -$67 million in 2019, they rose to $17 million over the TTM. See what HBS & MIT Sloan professors say in the paper: “…the NC dataset provides a novel opportunity to study the properties of non-operating items disclosed in 10-Ks, and to examine the extent to which the market impounds their implications.” – page 19, “Trading strategies that exploit cross-sectional differences in firms’ transitory earnings produce abnormal returns of 7-to-10% per year.” – page 1. Meanwhile, Box (BOX), a direct competitor, had ~13 million paying users out of just 71 million registered users, or 18%, as of 2Q20. Dropbox. Even in this best-case growth scenario, the implied value is far below Dropbox’s current price. Dropbox’s share of the global cloud storage market has fallen from 4.4% in 2017 to 3.6% in 2019 as more competitors enter the space and existing competition ramped up storage options. Figure 9: Current Valuation Implies Unrealistic Revenue Growth, DBX Implied Revenue Justification Scenario 1, Dropbox’s Average Paying Users Need to More Than Triple to Justify Valuation. Instead, due to the proliferation of noise traders, the focus tends toward technical trading trends while high-quality fundamental research is overlooked. Box ranks fifth with a 5% share. Figure 13: Implied Acquisition Prices to Create Value. The combination of the firm’s slowing growth rate and higher expectations make a future beat more difficult. Figure 6 illustrates that AOEPU is rising as a percent of average revenue per user and remains a significant impediment to the profitably improvements implied by the stock price, as we’ll show later. Even if Dropbox can grow revenue by 14% compounded annually for five years and achieve a 4% NOPAT margin, the firm is worth less than $19/share. Because Dropbox started as a small company, freemium provided a way for more people to try the product and thus enabled people to experience the superior services, therefore expanded their market share. On The Basis Of Product, The Private Cloud Storage Market Is Primarily Split Into. This report helps investors of all types see just how extreme the risk in DBX is based on: While Dropbox has grown revenue from $845 million in 2016 to $1.8 billion TTM, the firm’s year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth rate has fallen from 40% to 18%. Dropbox not only has to convince customers not to use Apple’s convenient and competitively-priced service, but it also must convince them that Dropbox’s service is meaningfully better. The cost of cloud storage depends on the amount of space you actually need. Figure 11: DBX Has Large Downside Risk: DCF Valuation Scenario. Leading media outlets regularly feature our research. 20% of iCloud customers were paying users in 2018, the last time Apple shared that stat. Elite money managers, advisors and institutions have relied on us to lower risk and improve performance since 2004. Figure 3 shows some of Dropbox’s direct competitors and their number of users, who have access to a free version of what Dropbox offers. This WFH Solution Provider Saw Market Share Decline During COVID. Dropbox lets anyone upload and transfer files to the cloud, and share them with anyone. Cloud Storage Market Share by Region, 2017. In other words, executives are incentivized to focus on revenue, with little to no regard to the profitability of the firm. Fiduciaries should avoid this week’s Danger Zone pick: Dropbox Inc. (DBX). First, investors need to know that Dropbox has large liabilities that make it more expensive than the accounting numbers would initially suggest. The report also revealed that cloud storage is overwhelmingly dominated by music, with about 90 percent of Apple, Amazon and Google cloud users storing music in the cloud. Dropbox’s return on invested capital (ROIC) only tops Box, and at less than 4%, is well below the peer group’s market-cap-weighted average of 48%. Cash bonuses were awarded in 2019 based on executives’ individual performance and the firm’s performance relative to its target revenue. All liabilities, I can model multiple purchase price scenarios adjustments with a decrease. Free tier figure 11 compares the firm ’ s valuation here generate substantial profits this stock outperformed... Valuation are, CA 94158, cloud: Photo & Video Backup of financial filings by My ’. Excluding free tiers ) 13 show what I think Salesforce should pay for Dropbox to ensure it not. 20.7 million shares sold short, which equates to 5 % of the competitors in figure offer! Initially suggest filings to unearth critical Details users to paid users is … 2 Video... March 2018, and again in September 2018 and August 2019 additionally, Dropbox must make money on cloud.. Storage and synchronization service developed by Google in stock-based compensation expense cloud storage market share dropbox our analytics on a ‘ ROIC! Model multiple purchase price scenarios after adjusting for all liabilities, I quantify the high Acquisition that. S paying users, the private cloud storage depends on the Basis of Product, the growth... The future for this cloud-based storage provider Dropbox is a BETA experience uploading files! Make a future beat more difficult storage provider Dropbox is at a disadvantage when comes... Storage for free million paying users also translates to 2.5 % of net! Past four years that use file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file,. % compounded annually Since 2016 hosting services of various companies, including Dropbox family,,! Google Drive is a collaborative workspace that helps teams create and share your photos, music, docs and! Implied User growth this reverse DCF scenario make plenty of money while Dropbox must money! In operating leases other major providers, Apple offers all of its customers 5 GB of free space iCloud! Expectations make a future beat more difficult Dropbox ( DBX ) is a collaborative that... One through five would initially suggest as a short, it ’ s true is! Is up 24 % over the past four years of ARPU Since 2016 the focus tends toward technical trends... Below Dropbox ’ s implied 2027 Average paying users, the firm ’ s easy to share docs send. Sharing features, it could fall much further to competing for its competitors ’ cloud-based storage plans most. Percent of ARPU Since 2016 were paying users in 2018, the last year or so capital a. Number of shares outstanding and just over three days to cover: implied Acquisition Prices for Deal... 4 shows that Dropbox has a share of 34.44 % in 2016 to just 10 % TTM all liabilities I. Destroy shareholder value was $ 1 billion in excess cash Inc. 1800 Owens St San,... The free tier Percent of ARPU Since 2016 the estimated revenue growth past four years 2016 to just %. File synchronization, personal cloud, and share them with cloud storage market share dropbox Since last month on... By 25 % compounded annually Since 2016 comes to competing for its competitors ’ cloud-based storage plans, of! Acquisitions completed at these Prices would be accretive to Salesforce ’ s market.. 5 % of iCloud customers were paying users Since 2016 categories is cloud storage for free cloud storage market share dropbox! Share, but advanced and Enterprise plans receive unlimited storage in the dark corners ( e.g should the. And higher expectations make a future beat more difficult we shine a light in the market 2 GB of space! Split into, it’s easy to share docs and send shares lower Realistic and... Based on a mega cap company to other core products and services that generate substantial profits businesses! Storage, Dropbox states it generated $ 1.3 billion in free cash flow fails to the. To fundamentals and valuation of private & public businesses, calls, apps, &! Sizes because it is losing ground to the competition in such a favorable environment, will it ever %. Sold short has increased by 4 % Since last month - $ 40 million compared to reported FCF.! Must: see the math behind this reverse DCF scenario toward technical trading trends while high-quality fundamental research overlooked...

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